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• V- I 

y y ^_ 


Kenan Library 

Saint Mary's College 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 





Saint Mary'^C-ll'"- 






:-; -r:jB?=^. 












TOP: The chapel sits idle among a grove of trees. MIDDLE: The 

big sister/lictle sister picnic was a welcomed social event by all. 

LEFT: The cross along the top of Smedes. 

Many moms and dads help unload cars during 

The Granddaughters' Club set out luminaries 
for the Circle/Beacon Christmas party. 

A Saint Mary's student decides a quiet park 
bench is a perfect place to complete a last 
minute homework assignment. 

TOP: Char-Grill is usually 

jammed packed for lunch 

and dinner as well as the 

most popular fast food 

joint among students. 

RIGHT: Miriam Mason is 

taped by a channel 5 news 


RIGHT: Ashley Moser, 

Amanda Powell, and 

Virginia Sharp watch 

television and munch on 

popcorn instead of doing 

homework. Who could blame 









What is your favorite fast food restaurant? 
2nd City Grill 

Hi ill 14 

3P: Sarah Harris and Ashley Langley study 
gether in the study lounge in lower Smedes. 
3TTOM: Faculty and staff enjoy Halloween as 
uch as students and sport costumes to prove it. 

Ashley Langley and Geni Wade 

take pride in their catch of the day. 

Being able to eat cake with your 

roommate is one of the finer points of 

dorm life, decides Amy Stone and 

Elizabeth Evans. 

Meredith Taylor and Joy 
Jansen live it up at SGA's 

LEFT: Amy Perry and Susan Johnson 

enjoy an exotic meal at the Kanki Japanese 

steak house. RIGHT: Snow covered the 

campus in a white blanket for most of the 

month of February. 


LEFT: Elizabeth Ellis and Dana 

Marcinak nibble on refreshments 

after a Smedes Concert: RIGHT: 

A lonely scarecrow keeps guard 

on 2nd Smedes. 

*T K * + 

What is your favorite fraternity at NCSU 
Lamda Chi 
Delta Sig 
Phi Tau 

Ellen Davis does the dirty task of 
dirty laundry. 

* & 


Nikki Durand, Lee Ann Grant, and 

Gillian Boatright display their political 


Anna Tilghman, Anne Pinckney, Lawson 
Armes, Trish Ballard, and Tracy Morgan 

dress up and hit the town. 


Beth Cranford, Alisa Evans, Heather 

Moore, and Katherine Johnson relax after 

a workout in the reach program for hall 


Laura Peterkin, Lara Jones, and Molly 
Hull chum around on first floor 

Mr. Lee enjoys himself with 
Catherine Scott, Heath Dalton, 
and Jennifer Downey at a party on 
third floor Smedes. 

ARA food service get into the spirit 
at the Halloween dinner. 


Dena Blount admires the sunset from a 
rocker on the porch of Penick. 

What is your favorite spot on campus? 
dorm room 
Smedes parlor 

Dr. Caddell and Dr. Esthimer join students an 
their parents in the cafeteria during parent's weel 




The day student house sits quietly on a Saturday 

ABOVE: Homework has 
never been more fun for 
Lynn Jarvis. BELOW: Hall 
counselors in training. 




President Jenkins speaks to < 
"Honors Convocation." 


Each Monday morning at 
ten, Pittman auditorium was 
the place where all Saint Mary's 
students came together. 
Whether it was social chair- 
man, Deedee Greene, reading 
announcements, President 
Jenkins congratulating the 
tennis team on a winning 
match, SGA elections, or 
"faculty follies," students took 
great interest in assemblies. 

The SMC Forum Arts and 
Lecture series were all very en- 

tertaining. This year's speakers 
included Sarah Weddington, 
Linda Horn, Richard Moll, and 
Patricia Flipp. The Howard 
Hanger Jazz Festival was a 
highly skilled and versatile 
group which everyone seemed 
to enjoy. Other musicians in- 
cluded a world renowned 
group of Spanish singers, com- 
plete with colorful costumes, 
as well as Martha Anne Vesbit, 
a concert pianist. 
The annual SMC Honors 

Convocation was held April 
21, 1989 in Pittman, marking 
the beginning of Springfest and 
Alumnae Weekend. Outstand- 
ing academic achievement 
awards were presented to both 
high school and college 
students. Awards were given 
for all fields of study. Assemb- 
lies and Forums in Pittman 
brought all SMC girls together 
and helped display the tradi- 
tions and special bonds of the 
Saint Mary's community. 

': I 

ABOVE: Students, parents, and teachers mingle 
in the gym on orientation day. 

RIGHT: Books, clothes, tapes, and food . . . 
where does it all come from? Students unpack on 
the opening day of school. 

ABOVE: Hall counselors had a gruesome week of orientation 
before students arrived on campus. 


LEFT: During orientation the cafeteria sponsored ; 
picnic to break the ice for new students. 

ABOVE: Ginny Dickens seems a bit confused as 
to where she can refill her cup. 

BELOW: Orientation was rough on those who 
lived in Smedes because they had to constantly go 
up and down the front steps. 

Les and Dr. Esthimer are going to 
/.pup" Mr. McRae during "faculty 

ABOVE: Faculty enjoyed the "faculty follies" as much as 
the students. The faculty's rendition of "Stop in the 
Name of Love" brought a smile to everyone's face. 

RIGHT: Two college girls relive the roar- 
ing twenties at the halloween costume 

BELOW: Students and parents enjoy a 
little relaxation from busy parent weekend 

Students help register their parents lor the weekend 

Saint Mary's got its full share of Robert Palmer look-a-likes and 



The day was Friday, October 28 and I un- 
suspectingly followed my usual morning 
routine of brushing my teeth and haphazardly 
piecing together an outfit from the clothes 
strewn across the floor. I peered out the door 
of my dorm and was met with an incredibly 
odd spectacle . . . Saint Mary's girls dressed 
up at 7:45 a.m. My mind raced — had 1 for- 
gotten a special assembly or chapel? Upon 
entering Ragland, much to my horror, I saw 
parents, masses of them, staring at some out- 
landish creature — me. Then something even 
worse hit me, my parents were waiting for me 
in Smedes parlor (where hopefully they were 
still enjoying refreshments). 

Although the morning was a fiasco, I finally 

located my parents. They visited my classes 
and THANK HEAVEN my math teacher did 
not return the test. My parents were fooled 
into thinking I was brilliant when I raised my 
hand for every question in English class. Of 
course, they did not know it was a repeat of 
yesterday's class. My parents left believing 
Saint Mary's had produced a genius. 

After the let's-fool-the-parents-into- 
picnic, Saint Mary's girls displayed their 
blooming talent. First, Cold Cuts with their 
songs and antics that left parents laughing all 
day. All mom could talk about were those 
cute outfits. The chorale and ensemble also 
took parents back to younger days with their 

tunes from the fifties. A tour of the language 
arts building and Smedes tunnel focused on 
the artistic talents of some girls while the Sea 
Saints were performing a breathtaking water 
ballet routine in the gym. The last item on the 
agenda was the dance performances. Orche- 
sis, Gillie Callum, and Capperettes gracefully 
performed their individual dances. Overall, 
my parents and other parents left Saint 
Mary's with a feeling that their daughters 
were growing into fine well-rounded adults. I 
left my parents relieved that parents weekend 
was only one weekend out of the year. Now 
the rest of the weekend I could devote to 
Halloween activities. 

LEFT: Parents munch on snacks in Smedes parlors. 
BELOW: Ginny Griffin and Ashley Griffin assist 
Governor Morehead children with trick or treating. 

Mr. Hicks explains counseling techniques used at Saint Mary's during an orientation 
meeting with parents. 

Felines were popular this Halloween at Saint Mary's. 


RIGHT: Kirsten Brundage seems to have found some real 
bargains at the straw market. 

BELOW: "Mike and the Light 
played during Fall Fest. 

ng Well" was a popular band that 


r "■ 


w * 

/ *^^nK' ' 

' i^l 

\ * / 

V' ' 


■ ' 
■1 Hra 


ABOVE: Blue water and white sand, what more could these four ask 

RIGHT: Those ocean breezes seem pleasant enough for these four 



The 1988 phonathon proved to be quite 
uccessful of reaching its goal of increased in- 
ividual giving. The phonathon, which has 
een an annual fundraiser for the past nine 
ears, raised an overwhelming total of 
225,000, an increase of 15%, according to 
Cathy Wall, director of annual giving. 

Saint Mary's alumnae from all over the 
tate came to the campus the evenings of 
November 1-14 to volunteer their time in 
his vital effort to raise money. Tyler Lounge 
ecame the headquarters for the event in 
/hich alumnae would reach thousands of 
lumnae across the nation by phone to ask 
heir support by way of contributions. 

Students at SMC were major contributors 
3 the phonathon, also. A record turnout of 
>ver 25% of the students came to help. 
Michelle Baba, sophomore, said, "The 
■honathon is an easy way to get involved at 
•MC." SMC clubs held a contest to see which 
/ould have the most participation as well as 
he most contributions. Mary Virgina Swain 
loted, "Of 31 clubs on campus, 28 partici- 
iated. The Beacon tallied the most volunteer 

hours, while the Circle, SGA, and WATS 
were close behind." The amount of participa- 
tion proves SMC girls, past and present, work 
hard to uphold the spirit of Saint Mary's. 

Fall Fest . . . When you say that to a Saint 
Mary's girl, a smile crosses her faces and a 
vivid picture of fun comes to mind. During 
Fall Fest 1988, bonfires and music form 
"Mike and the Lighting Well" were every- 
where. The students who took time from 
studying from midterms, and most did, came 
to hear the music and sip hot chocolate 
around the cozy fire. An assembly was held 
for Fall Fest in which the Cold Cuts showed 
their colors and then performed for the stu- 
dent body. Throughout the rest of the week, 
exam breaks were held regularly in Tyler 
Lounge and some "screaming" parties were 
also held behind Smedes. These parties 
allowed students to get some food while re- 
leasing all their frustrations from studying. 
The Fall Fest week displays the Saint Mary's 
school spirit even during such a stressful time 
as midterms. 

Student enjoy getting out of their dorm rooms during 
Fall Fest activities. 

ABOVE: These girls had fun in the sun on their fall 
B break vacation. BELOW: Fall Fest gave a lot of 

students a chance to just chat and get caught up on 
social matters. 



Dancing away in Margaritaville . . . The 
SGA dance was a time for high school and 
college students to come together for a night 
of fun and excitement. As you walked across 
the boardwalk and saw the sunset behind the 
band, a feeling of Margaritaville was in the air. 
The gazebo was for fun and pictures as the 
parrots and balloons did a lot for the atmos- 

phere. Forum, the band, played a variety of 
music which kept Saint Mary's girls and dates 
on their toes. The evening was definitely a 
night to remember. It was amazing anyone 
made it back from Margaritaville. Thanks 
should go to the students, faculty, SGA, and 
SCOOP for making the fall formal such a hit. 

ABOVE: SMC girls and their dates relax a little before 
the dance begins. 

RIGHT: Settle down girls! The fun has only begun. 


BELOW: Ellen Gilbert and Kim Sorrels appreciate the time good 
friends spend together. 

TOP TO BOTTOM: Just show these girls and their dates 
the door to get in so they can start to have fun. Hunter 
Grogan, Heather Moore, and Anna Brooks seem to be 
having enough fun before the dance even began. 
Administration had as much fun at the dance as the students 

n ■■* r 



1 _^H 




RIGHT: Heather Clark and 

Hunter Grogan are all ready 

for bed, they're just waiting 

for a bedtime story. BELOW: 

Girls gathered in Smedes 

parlor to hear "Twas the 

Night Before Christmas." 

ABOVE: The chorale and ensemble 

provided the entertainment for the 

Christmas festivities. RIGHT: Heath 

Dalton and Catherine Scott display 

nothing but happy dispositions this 




Scott Cole sings a melody to ease spirits into the Christ- 
mas mood. 

On Tuesday December 6, Saint Mary's lit 
p with the Christmas spirit. The annual 
vent started with a candle light service in the 
hapel. The Saint Mary's students moved, 
andles in hand, to the front of Smedes. The 
rove was surrounded by luminaries, set up 
iy the Granddaughters. After the presenta- 
ion of the luminaries, the Christmas tree was 
t by Smedes York. Both Santa Claus and 
ibenezer Scrooge even managed to make an 
ppearance at Saint Mary's. With hot apple 
ider in hand, the students, faculty, adminis- 
ration, and public observers were led by the 
horale and ensemble in several familiar 

Christmas carols. Then, the festivities moved 
to Smedes parlor. There, the girls gathered 
together for an evening of holiday cheer and 
music from the Cold Cuts. Dressed in 
pajamas, everyone gathered 'round for Mary 
Virgina Swain to read "Twas the Night Be- 
fore Christmas." The Cold Cuts, Circle, and 
Beacon, all dressed in holiday disguises, 
added to the Christmas cheer. The evening 
was filled with holiday spirit and hot choco- 
late for the Saint Mary's girls. From Smedes 
the girls retired to their rooms in hopes that 
Saint Nicholas soon would be there. 

Earlier in the day, the Granddaughters pre- 
pared the luminaries. 

The Cold Cuts also got into the festive 
spifit with their unique costumes. 


RIGHT: Scott Cole 

and Susan Johnson 

look excited about 

Spring Fling activities. 

TOP: Lil Darlin, Tracy Morgan sing to a crowd 
during the Cold Cut's performance. BOTTOM: 
What better way to end Spring Fling festivities 
than with a picnic? 


LEFT: Students get ready to aim for "Whip the Teacher." RIGHT: Dr. Es- 
thimer's band always sings to a large crowd. 




Spring Fling is the perfect time of year to 
recuperate from cabin fever. It is the time of 
year when all clubs and organizations set up 
booths and activities for the student body. 
Cold Cuts and Dr. Esthimer's band also play 
for entertainment. Spring Fling is the onset of 
Springfest, which begins the next day. Some 
teachers even gave out a class assignments so 
that students would not miss any of the fun 
and games. The truth is the teachers did not 
want to miss anything either. 

ABOVE: The Circle had a popular booth with 
"Whip the Teacher." LEFT: Students attempt 
to see just how much jello they can eat at the 
jello eating booth. 


<- J V 

, U 



•i AJ»,V ...i.-^ 

• wrina Court 

Welrare . (fc^/lae $reen 

■ tame Carson cT/io/Jh' 
GuzaoetA cTrice \&uM 

. (fa/i/ 0/ ff(of/<>r 
Catherine (SuzcwetA 'J 'cat/ 

SHeal/tcr jce . (foore 

. *///«/ - \o///eef . /(/(//{///a// 

SlizaAet/i Wooes . {/ten 
tfcott . fla \a/h Cole 

.. v?/z/7 „ ffcf/iWAar (l/iaertoootl 
,/ratns l?A >zaln'/// QBraau 

f irgwia ' imetn WtcAens 
. vMriam -/eaotft . PJa&on 
r/raa/ SlA'/t . (fort/a// 

. ueussa 'Ibna/e Gutotte 
Cameron J/orA GBa&on 
9(xtt/vyn %ee fTa/t 


jfawson . {rmes 
t faroA Coleman 
'//}</■ @an#y6 
Wara boons 
1/47/ 1/iHam 
9Tate barrel/ 
. f /art/art/ f/(tl//tiu/i 
' Jason ( ffiAnson 
Jfara ( 3ones 
■ Q,£ $&&r 
-/aura jfassiter 
fft&en -fee 
Cac/ue $wgAun 
. {/ti/y Skrrg. 
^u&e 1 FtuMs 
.. {/mem Outton 

/.if i('«M<// 


ABOVE: Deedee Greene preceeds to her throne. INSERT: The cou: 
after they have been presented. LEFT: Catherine Scott enjoys th 


IELOW: The dining hail sponsored a picnic after the presentation of the court. RIGHT: Melissa Elliotte prepares to 
ike her place on the court. 

On April 21, 1989 Saint Mary's had its an- 
nual Spring Festival. Included in the program 
was the presentation of the Spring Court 
which includes the queen and maid of honor. 
Participating in the festivities were eleventh 
graders as well as sophomores. After the pre- 
sentation of the Spring Court many activities 
took place which included dancers from 
Gillie Callum, Caperettes, and Orchesis. A 
reception took place after the performances. 
The reception provided a picture perfect 
ending to a beautiful day. 

ABOVE: The chorus and ensemble 
entertained. BELOW: Gillie Callum 
was the first dance group to perform. 



TOP: Dropping the handkerchief 

brings the school year to a close. 

BELOW: The big moment comes 

and the tassles are tossed. MIDDLE: 

Dana Marcinak addresses the 

audience. RIGHT: Ruth Dobson 

speaks of the importance of having a 

twin in Saint Mary's. 

ABOVE: Bud Conrad passes on words of wisdom based 

on his experience as business manager at Saint Mary's. 

RIGHT: High School graduates march up the sidewalk. 



ABOVE: College graduates prepare to leave Saint Mary's. 



We build our School on Thee, O Lord; 
To Jhee we bring our common need; 
The loving heart, the helpful word, 
The tender thought, the kindly deed. 

We work together in Thy sight, 
We live together in Thy love-, 
Guide Thou our falt'ring steps aright, 
And lift our thoughts to heaven above. 

Hold Thou each hand to keep it just, 
Touch Thou our lips and make them pure-, 
If Thou are with us, Lord, we must 
Be faithful friends and comrades sure. 

We change, but Thou art still the same, 
The same good Master, Teacher, Friend; 
We change; but Lord, we bear Thy Name, 
To journey with it to the end. AMEN 

The Chairman of the Judicial Board has fin- 
ished her address, the chapel is dark as 
students come forward to sign the Honor 
Code oath, and candles slowly illuminate the 
room. This service is honor chapel, an open- 
ing chapel service each fall at Saint Mary's. It 
is a solemn, yet hopeful moment each year. 
Fresh from summer vacation, jobs, and 
romances, the student body returns with an 
energetic vision for the school year. 

Academic achievement and reliable friend- 
ships are the hopes of all students for their 
years at college. The fulfillment of either one 
will depend on a student's commitment to the 
Honor Code. Without "the highest standard 
of personal integrity," a student would be an 
untrustworthy scholar or friend. Learning 
and loving both depend on honor, as students 
at Saint Mary's have affirmed for almost 150 
years. As dishonor in high political offices be- 
comes all too common, it is rare to live in a 
community which makes such a public state- 
ment of commitment to honorable living. 








INC. ■ 

ROW 1: Laura Ann Slaughter; secretary, Kris tie 

Hoffstedder; treasurer, Caroline Crumpler ROW 2: 

Tina Williams, Christina Medeiros, Caroline Goddard 


L to R: Lee Ann Grant, Susie Thompson, Kitty 
Mattocks, Lawson Armes, Kirsten Brundage, Cackie 




ROW 1: Shelia Britt, Ginny Dickens, Miriam 
Mason ROW 2: Cheryl Emery, Virgina 
Eld ridge 


ROW 1: Renee Dalla Pozzo, Dana Marcinak, Jennifer 
Downey ROW 2: Jennifer Mason, Shen Roberson, 
Holli Donnell ROW 3: Catherine Scott, Elizabeth 
Evans, Renee Barefoot, Penny Thompson, Sloan 
Dupree, Sue-Pei Slew ROW 4: Meridith Taylor, 
Kirke Hooper, Chris Hundley, Beth Crantord, Ruth 
Dobson, Anna Humphrey 



The Chapel Marshals are a group of twelfth graders chosen b 
the high school students in the spring of their eleventh grade year 
The current Marshals nominate rising twelfth graders, who main 
tain agrade point average of 2.0 or better. The nominee with th 
most votes is named Chief Marshal. 

The job of a Marshal shows respect for the Saint Mary's chape 
Marshals encourage participation, consideration, and attendanc 
at all services. It is the responsibility of the Marshal to collec 
chapel cards, hand out bulletins, enforce conduct, and to seat an 
dismiss the congregation. 

This year was only the second year Saint Mary's has had Chape 
Marshals. Through hard work and determination, this year ha 
proven to be successful. 

LOW 1: Lisa Svendsgaard, Catherine Scott, Tacy Slater — Chief, Sally Pridgen I fy' 'iXI'f ,' \ 

ROW 2: Mary Virgina Green, Dana Marcinak, Ashley Langley, Angela Sutton v I ', 

L TO R: Lawson Armes, Cackie Loughlin, Scott Cole. Elizabeth Allen 
— Chief, Sallie Thorpe, Louise Hogan 



ROW 1: Angie Polk, Miss-E Bender, Nelle Poisson, 
Sam Walker ROW 2: Anne Pickney, Ali Walker, 
Sutton Foy, Alisa Evans, Jenny Caine, Meg Turtle, 
Ellen Zimmerman, Sarah Coleman, Mandy Perry, Alix 
Dyer, Jennifer Downey, Carolyn Bullock, Lea Ann 
Boykin, Ann Maury Smith, Linnell Vaughan ROW 3: 
Cindy Ross, Julie-Anne Holland, Suzanne Wayne, 
Tisha Carroll, Elizabeth Williamson, Melissa Fyrar, 
Hunter Grogan, Anna Brooks, Margaret Hanes, 
Lizzie Bull, Christina Clark, Angie Spivey, Pat Gillam, 
Laura Thiele 


Uatalie Gaskins, Carolyn Bullock, Michelle Cress, Elizabeth Williamson, 
'ijjfilley Nuttall, Stephanie East 



The Vestry is the student advisory body of 
the chapel and it works under the legislation 
passed by itself. The Vestry is composed of 
high school and college students and func- 
tions under the direction of the chaplain. The 
Vestry plans special programs and engages 
guest speakers for chapel services. 

Committees of the Vestry include Proj- 
ects, Altar Guild, Cupbearers, Layreaders, 
and Acolytes. All committee heads are 
appointed at the end of the spring term. 
Vestry members serve one year terms. The 
student body is welcome to attend any open 
Vestry meeting. The chairman, known as the 
Senior Warden, is elected at the end of the 
school year to serve for the upcoming aca- 
demic year. 

ROW 1: Meg Gandolfo, Alisa Evans, 

Travis Brady, Katherine Cloninger 

ROW 2: Kerrie Strickler, Elizabeth 

Williamson, Heather Moore, Suzanne 

Wayne, Laura Query, Margaret Hanes 


ROW 1: Jennifer Downey, Brette Clark, Heather 

Moore, Katherine Cloninger ROW 2: Linnell 

Vaughan, Laura Sessoms, Hunter Grogan, Anna 

Brooks, Laura Query, Carolyn Bullock, Alexandra 




'OW 1: Sarah Coleman, Kerrie Strickler, Hunter Grogan, Letitia Jacobs, Meg 
uttle, Carolyn Bullock, Angie Polk ROW 2: Margaret Hanes, Sephaine East, 
itton Foy, Jenny Caine, Holli Donnell, Heather Clark, Penny Thompson, Anna 
rooks, Sloan Dupree, Nelle Poisson, Ashley Langley, Lara Sykes, Colby Butler, 
len Zimmerman, Ali Walker, Cammie Bason, Suzanne Wayne 



Alix Dyer, Kristie Hoffstedder — Editor, Christina 
Clark, Brett Clark 

A new program began this year at Saint Mary's that enabled students to take yearbook, 
newspaper, or literary magazine as a class for academic credit. The classes met for one hour 
week and carried a Va unit credit. The classes allowed editors and advisors time to meet with 
the whole staff on a weekly basis. Dr. Schroeder was the advisor for yearbook and newspaper 
while Ms. Wooten was the advisor for the Muse. 

Each publication plays an important role in the SMC community. For instance, the yearbook 
staff schedules portraits, as well as photographers for important campus events like Springfest 
The newspaper staff works hard to bring you campus news, in addition to editorials and in 
terest stories. The Muse allows students with a creative outlet. The staff even features a con 
test with cash prizes. 

It was a very good year for publications at SMC. With student support, it should prove to b 
successful in years to come. 


ROW 1: Kelsea Parker, Elizabeth Evans, Kristie 
Hoffstedder, Katherine Cloninger, Tracy Morgan 
ROW 2: Jennifer Mason — Co-Editor, Sheri 
Robertson — Co-Editor 


L TO R: Christina Medeiros, Laura Ann Slaughter — 
Editor, Kathy Clark, Caroline Goddard 




ROW 1: Sloan Dupree, Christina Clark, Kristie Hotfstedder, Stella 
Keller, Julie Lynn ROW 2: Anne Pickney, Katherine Falls, Sheri 
Robertson, Holli Donnell, Sarah Coleman, Tisha Carroll, Alisa Evans 
ROW 3: Anna Humphrey, Penny Thompson, Lauren Sessoms, Beth 
C ran ford 



ROW 1: Su-Pei Siew, Shelia O'Brien, Aura 
Colemenares, Catherine O'Brien ROW 2: Atta 
Raoufian, Mami Harada 




Renee Dalla Pozza, Jennifer Downey, Kjrke Hooper, 
Meredith Taylor, Beth Cranford 


Cindy Ross, Su-Pei Siew, Anna Humphrey 



ROW 1: Catherine Scott ROW 2: Jennifer Culberson, 

Dana Marcinak ROW 3: Helen Lee, Sue Jett Russler, 

Ashley Langley, Monica McClain, Lisa Swendsgaard 

ROW 4: Jennifer Downey, Melissa Eliotte, Sloan 

Bridger, Katherine Cloninger, Elizabeth Ellis 

Beacon members gather after a walk to socialize with 

new members. 

Catherine Scott carries the traditional lantern for the 
first Beacon walk of the year. 

The Beacon is the honorary leadership or- 
ganization of the high school. Its purpose is to 
promote school spirit, encourage coopera- 
tion in all phases of campus life, and support 
participation in extracurricular activities. 
This year the activities included working for 

phonathon, selling SGA fall formal t-shir 
and selling exam care packages. The 1988-1 
1989 Beacon also celebrated its fortieth anni-l 
versary with alumni Beacon members at SainJ 



As the Circle, an honorary club, symbolizes unity, the purpose of this organization 
is to promote a spirit of cooperation among the students, and between the students 
and faculty, through the cultivation of high ideals of service, fellowship, citizenship, 
and scholarship, and to assist new students in finding their place in school life and 
activities. The Circle was founded in 1938 and recently celebrated its 50th anniver- 
sary. Because of the secrecy of the Circle, it is very hard to explain. The Circle is 
designed to recognize outstanding Saint Mary's girls who are members of the college 

The blue ring worn under the Saint Mary's ring indicates a Circle member. The 
midnight walk around campus several times a year with the induction of new members 
is a traditional part of the Circle ceremony. The Circle stone in front of Holt is a 
constant reminder of the Order of the Circle. 

The qualities of a Circle member represent a genuine interest for the love of Saint 
Mary's. Every Circle member is constantly striving to become a better Saint Mary's 
girl. It is her responsibility to help others work toward these higher expectations, also. 
Just as the Circle represents a round and unifying force, so do the members of the 
Order of the Circle strive to promote unity in all phases of life at Saint Mary's. 

COUNTERCLOCKWISE: Susan Johnson, Lee Anna 
Grant, Sallie Thorpe, Miriam Mason, Elizabeth Dixon, 
Ginny Griffin, Katie Miller, Julie Stubbs, Ginny 
Dickens, Elizabeth Allen, Cathy Fletcher, Scott Cole, 
Margaret Hillman 

FAR LEFT: Susan Johnson 
lights Miriam Mason's 
candle. Scott Cole and Ginny 
Dickens lead Miriam Mason. 



The Granddaughters Club consist of students 
who are direct descendants of Saint Mary's alum- 
nae, including their mothers, grandmothers, and 
great-grandmothers (of all degrees). The club was 
established in 1909 by Kate McKimmon, teacher, 
secretary and treasurer of the Alumnae Associa- 
tion, and herself an alumna of Saint Mary's. The 
first club had 33 members: 1 1 granddaughters, 27 
daughters and five students who were the third 
generation Saint Mary's. Ginny Dickens, current 
chairman of the Judicial Board, is the great-great- 
great niece of Kate McKimmon. 

The purpose of the club is to keep a close kin- 
ship with the Alumnae Association, to continue 
the traditions of the college, and to build new 
ones, to promote school spirit, and to form a nu- 
cleus of students that will later develop into profi- 
cient service in the Alumnae Association. The 
club's mascot and chief cheerleader is the Ghost of 
Aldert Smedes, founder of Saint Mary's in 1842, 
who roams the halls and lives in the attic of Smedes. 

Granddaughters Club members, who call them- 
selves Ghostbusters, and the Ghost walk every fall 
to tap new members. This year's officers are: Law- 
son Armes, president; Janet Brown, vice-pres- 
ident; Anna Tilghman, secretary; and Hunter 
Grogan, treasurer. The club is also proud to boast 
a sixth-generation club member this year, Kimball 

Ghostbusters send Halloween treats to the stu- 
dent body, are in charge of rhe luminaries for the 
Lighting O'Grove, help with the party given each 
year to the graduating college class, present a 
chapel service, as well as other community proj- 
ects throughout the year. 

ROW 1: Shelia O'Brien, Sarah Colemore, 
Kathryn Taft, Sue Jett Russler, Alison 
Bates, Margaret Hanes ROW 2: Catherine 
O'Brien, Ann Maury Smith, Alice Boggs, 
Hunter Grogan, Lawson Armes, Laura 
Query ROW 3: Holli Donnell, Caroline 
Head, Kimball Harris, Heather Moore, 
Kate Harrell, Letitia Jacobs, Geni Wade, 
Audrie Adams, Virginia Sharp, Sutton 
Foy, Sloan Bridger 

Kimball Harris is inducted into the Granddaughters club. 



The photography club is in its first year at 
Saint Mary's but with luck will continue for 
many years. The photography club was 
started when Dr. Esthimer discovered an old 
dark room on campus. He then asked around 
to see if student interest was present for a 
photography club. In the coming years the 
club hopes to refinish and supply the dark- 
room. Club members were really involved 
this year; the club sponsored the first annual 
photography contest, and also set-up a booth 
at Spring Fling. 

Beth Scott, Laura Ann Slaughter, Dena Blount, Helen 
Spurrier, Ginny Griffin, Ashley Griffin 


ROW 1: Elizabeth Allen, Margaret Hillman, Lawson Armes, Liles 
Waddill, Amy Perry ROW 2: Cackie Loughlin, Sallie Thorpe, Carol 
Laney, Laura Lassiter 



Katherine Cloninger, Cindy Ross, Geni Wade, Audrie 

Adams, Ashley Langley, Elizabeth Williamson, Ginny 

James, Lisa Svendsgaard, Jennifer Downey, Jennifer 

Brooks, Alice Boggs 


LEFT: Cold Cuts taste the good life during initiations. 
BELOW: Cold Cuts held a special assembly to 
perform and to show their colors. 



The Cold Cuts is a college sophomore mu- 
sical group. They begin each year with seven 
girls who are referred to as the "original 
seven." New members are inducted during 
the year by the Cold Cuts. Every conceivable 
instrument is used, including washboards, 
maracas, bongos, sticks, and the piano. They 
dress in overalls and brightly colored shirts 
and perform at area colleges and universities, 
civic organizations, and social functions. The 
Cold Cuts are a long standing tradition at 
Saint Mary's. 

The 1988-1989 Cold Cuts chose turquoise 
and yellow as their colors. The original seven 
worked hard to establish a strong foundation 
that would last throughout the year. The orig- 
inal seven are: Sallie Thorpe, president; 
Wendy MacKinnon, secretary-treasurer; 
Tracy Morgan, Lil' Darlin; Laura Lassister, 
Kristie Melvin, Julie Stubbs, and Laura 
Query. In October the Cold Cuts added 
seven more members to the group. 

The original seven song, a song in which 
they find special meaning, was Rod Stewart's 
"Forever Young." It seemed to be a favorite 
among Saint Mary's students. The 1988-1989 
Cold Cuts had only one tryout for new mem- 
bers in order to concentrate on sound, and in- 
crease performances throughout the Raleigh 
community. Their hard work paid off and it 
was a successful year for the Cold Cuts. 


ROW 1: Anne Pickney, Jenny Alford, Christina 

Hunsicker, Wendy MacKinnon, Elizabeth Powers ROW 

2: Elizabeth Allen, Louise Hogan, Liles Wadill, Kirsten 

Brundage, Cackie Loughlin, Cathy Fletcher, Lawson 

Armes, Elizabeth Dixon, Pat Gillam, Ginny Griffin 


ROW 1: Allison Nanninga, Ginny Griffin, Ashley 

Griffin, Amy Parrort ROW 2: Kathryn Falls, Kiley 

Wells, Beth Scotr, Caroline Goddard, Christina 




SITTING: Mary Virgina Swain 
Mason, Cackie Loughlin, Deedee Greene, 
Heather Bradley, Tracy Morgan, Cathy 
Fletcher, Margaret Hillman, Kirsten Brundage, 
Cindy Rasmussen, Louise Hogan, Jennifer 
Stone, Susie Thompson, Mary Leigh Curren, 
Kitty Mattocks, Shelle Stoughton, Liles Wadill, 
Laura Lassiter 


Janet Brown 
Lawson Armes 
Kirsten Brundage 
Virginia Eldridge 
Lee Anne Grant 
Caroline Newton 


Vice President 



Keeper of the List 

Secret Saint 



The Undatettes are a group of twelfth 
graders. This year the club has twenty-three 
members: five officers and eighteen mem- 
bers. Undatettes is a secret club; therefore 
the requirements and characteristics cannot 
be revealed. 

Throughout the year a total of five walks 
are made: four for twelfth graders and one for 
upcoming twelfth graders. The walk is the 
selection process of new members. During 
the walks an image is presented to those who 
are not a part of the club, but this image is not 
thought to be degrading to the members. 

This year the Undatettes have tried to en- 
courage greater school spirit, extracurricular 
activities, and improve day/boarder relations. 
To achieve these goals the club had a jewelry 
sale, sponsored t-shirts for the day student 
"Sweetheart Dance," and also had a raffle 

ROW 1: Sue Jett Russler, Becky Covert, Robyn Goss, 
Kathryn Johnson, Tacy Slater ROW 2: Alison Bates, 
Melissa Downey, Tina Williams, Lisa Morris, Cary 
Hodges, Angela Sutton, Sally Pridgen ROW 3: Jennifer 
Downey, Sloan Bridger, Kirke Hooper, Ashley Moser, 
Bridget Butler ROW 4: jade Brannock, Kerne Strickler, 
Jennifer Brooks, Ginny James, Heather Clark 


SCOOP is the only club on 
campus that has both high school 
and college members. The club 
walks several times each year and 
talks many new members at each 
walk. The meaning of the club is 
secret but the purpose is to create 
excitement among all the clubs. 

This year SCOOP assisted the 
SGA in the decorations for the fall 
formal and they also sponsored t- 
shirts for Spring Fling 1989. 

during Spring Fling. A percentage of their 
profits were given to the victims of the tor- 
nado that hit Raleigh in November 1988. 

"We're the Undatettes, what we are try and 
guess, cause with every regret, we can't tell 
you yet!" 

ROW 1: Tracy Morgan, Mary Leigh 
Curren, Cindy Jones, Wendy MacKinnon, 
Susan Johnson, Anne Pinckney, Susie 
Thompson, Sarah McElveen, Catherine 
Allen ROW 2: Cathy Flethcher, Sallie 
Thorpe, Audra Wetherill, Lisa Svends- 
gaard, Catherine Sellars, Stella Kellar, 
Louisa Colemore, Elizabeth Ellis, Amy 
Parrott, Kathenne Falls, Trisha Jenkins. 
Cackie Loughlin ROW 3: Miriam Mason, 
Elizabeth Allen, Laura Lassiter, Ali 
Walker, Holh Domell, Kathryn Taft, Ann 
Maury Smith, Robin Bullard, Bridget But- 
ler, Kathryn Falls, Robyn Goss 



:L TO R: Kristie Melvin, Amy Perry, Jennifer Downey, Lyn Phillips, Ashley 
lLangley, Catherine Scott, Cathy Thompson, Angie Polk 


ROW 1: Alisa Evans, Donna King, Laura Query, Ginny Griffin, Elizabeth Ellis, 
Love Noe, Lawson Armes, Amy Wells, Katherine Falls, Mary Leigh Curren, 
Holly Byrum, Cindy Ross, Judith Smith ROW 2; Sally Pndgen, Beth Cranford, 
Lizzie Bull, Ashley Langley, Angela Sutton, Tacy Slater, Julie Coward, Anna 
Brooks, Heather Moore ROW 3: Laura Theile, Audrie Adams, Gem Wade, 
Dana Marcinak, Becky Covert, Gina Crow, Virgina Eldridge 



ROW 1: Alexandra Quilici, Alice Boggs, 
Lizzie Bull, Jennifer Downey, Ali 
Walker ROW 2: Ellen Gilbert, Miriam 
Mason, Tracy Morgan, Dana Marcinak 



ROW 1: Ginny Dickens, Margaret Hillman ROW 2: Katie 
Miller, Tisha Carroll, Mandy Schoch, Laura Sessoms, Gina 
Crow, Lisa Svendsgaard 



NOT PICTURED: Lawson Armes — Pres., Tracy 
Morgan — Vice Pres., Elizabeth Allen — Sec/tres., 
Mandy Schoch — J. Board, Louise Hogan — Dorm 
Coun., Kristie Melvin — Dorm Coun., Virgina 
Eldridge — Leg. Body, Mary Leigh Curren — Fire 


Lizzie Bull — Vice President, Heather Moore — 
President, NOT PICTURED: Charlotte Hubbard — 
Sec/tres., Anna Tilghman — J. Board, Lauren Sessoms 
— J. Board, Sarah McElveen — Dorm Coun., Amy 
Appert — Dorm Coun., Ellen Gilbert — Leg. Body 


ROW I: Alice Boggs — Vice Pres., Kachryn Falls — 
Pres., Kilet Wells — Sec/tres., Gina Crow — J. 
Board, Lisa Svendsgaard — J. Board ROW 2: Dana 
Marcinak — Leg. Body, Catherine Scott — Dorm 
Coun., Ashley Langley — Dorm Coun. NOT 
PICTURED: Liz Nicholas — Fire Marshal 


Ali Walker — Vice Pres., Joy Jansen — Pres., Sarah 
Coleman — Sec/tres., Tisha Carroll — J. Board, 
Alexandra Quilici — Leg. Body NOT PICTURED: 
Katie Landry — Dorm Coun., Angie Polk — Dorm 



STANDING: Donna King — Head Counselor, 

Jennifer Culberson — Sec/treasurer, Melissa Elliotte 

— President COUNSELORS: Jennifer Brooks, Sue 

Jett Russler, Lisa Morris, Jennifer Mason, Robyn Goss 


Day students are those students who do 
lot live on campus but instead commute 
■veryday to and from school. Although a day 
tudent is not on campus twenty-tour hours a 
lay she still plays an important part in school 
.ctivities and usually can be seen hanging 
.round pretty late. Many day students stay on 
ampus at some time during the year, 
.whether it be because of snow or for fun. 

This year's day students tried hard to im- 
prove day/boarder relations. To accomplish 
"his goal, they held many fundraisers to earn 
noney to sponsor the first annual day student 
''Sweetheart" dance. The fundraisers in- 

cluded a bake sale, a raffle, and donations of 
money as well as materials from parents. The 
dance seemed to be a success despite the 
doubt some students had at the beginning ot 
the year about the possibility of an actual 
dance. The dance also brought together col- 
lege and high school students. 

The day students also sponsored a haunted 
open house for boarders during parent's 
weekend. The open house gave students and 
their parents a chance to become acquainted 
with the day students while enjoying refresh- 
ments. In addition, day students sponsored a 
party for Atlas members. Day students also 

offered to accommodate foreign exchange 
students during school vacations. 

Over the summer, and part of next year, 
students plan to renovate the attic of the 
house as a study lounge. This expansion will 
make boarders all the more welcome in the 
house and will ease crowding in more "social" 
rooms. By becoming more involved in 
campus life day students are also becoming an 
integral part of campus. Of course, they are 
having fun getting to know the boarders 

The little yellow house sits on the back corner of campus 
and serves as a day student's home away from home. 

Carlyle Herbert, Christina Clark and dates enjoy the 
first annual day student "Sweetheart" dance. 

ROW 1: Kristie Hoffstedder, Jennifer Culberson, Donna King, 
Sue Jett Russler ROW 2: Robyn Goss, Melissa Downey, Alison 
Bates, Lisa Morris, Melissa Elliotte, Holh Donnell ROW 3: 
Karen Muller, Jade Brannock, Carolyn Bullock, Renee Dalla 
Pozza, Mary Anne Poole, Sheri Roberson, Jennifer Mason 
ROW 4: Jennifer Brooks, Amy Henrick, Colie Wedick, Penny 
Thompson, Ashley Edmonds, Sloan Dupree, Ashley Reeves, 
Ashley Ray, Carlyle Herbert, Louise Boucher 



This year just happen to be an election year. Saint Mary's held its 
own mock election, and ironically it paralleled the real election. On 
the national level, George Herbert Walker Bush chose Dan Quayle 
as his running mate. The decision came as a surprise for some but the 
two seem to be a winning combination. Not so successful was the 
democratic nominee Michael Dukakis and his running mate Lloyd 
Bentsen, a senator from Texas. The incumbent governor, Jim 

Martin, won another four years, and David Price still represents 
eleventh congressional district. 

Other political news for the year . . . Col. Oliver North was c< 
victed of three crimes out of twelve charges. He plans to appeal. 1 
laws regarding abortions are up again in the Supreme Court. Speal 
of the House, Jim Wright, announced his resignation. Presid 
Bush's John Tower nomination was unsuccessful. The Presid 
must make a decision about people in Panama after an unfair el 
tion there. And the President must decide what to do about 
Chinese students that are calling for reforms in communist Chi 



The music industry seemed to be 
booming this year. The Irish band, U2 
made a movie about their "Rattle and 
Hum" tour in the United States. At the 
same time, Englishman George Michael 
was gaining popularity in the States. His 
album "Faith" was voted "Best Album of 
the Year." Tracy Chapman, a blues and 
folk song singer, was chosen "Best New 
Artist of the Year." Her song, "Fast Car" 
made huge strides in the industry. Pink 
Floyd released a live album entitled 
"Delicate Sound of Thunder," and as with 
their previous album they were missing 
Roger Waters. 

lOVE: The band U2. LEFT: George Michael 
GHT: Tracy Chapman. 



The Summer Olympics were in 1988 in Seoul, Korea. 
On the home front the Dodgers won the World Series. 
The San Francisco 49er's beat the Cincinnati Bengals to 
win the Super Bowl. And the Calgary Flames took the 
Stanley Cup by beating the Montreal Canadians. In col- 
lege sports, Michigan won the NCAA basketball tourna- 
ment. Heavyweight, Mike Tyson beat Mike Spinks in an 
incredible 91 seconds. 


Making headlines in entertainment were the Califorl 

raisins. The raisins created a craze that swept children j| 

adults to fast food stores in pursuit of them. The notoriu 

couple, Mike Tyson and Robin Givens, finally called it qui 

Givens will reportly sue tor millions while Tyson suppost y 

attempted suicide. The best movie of the year was "Rainm.i." 

for which Dustin Hoffman took home an Oscar for "Bit 

Actor." Roseanne Barr enjoys the success of her nW 

television show, "Roseanne." The show beat "Cosby" m 

weeks in a row in the Nelson ratings. The industry did \M 

two great comics. Lucille Ball died of a heart attack at age W 

and Gilda Radner died of cancer at age I 



In August the Duke and Dutchess of 
York gave birth to their daughter, 
Beatrice. Miss Michigan, Grethchen 
Carlson was named Miss America while 
Miss Holland, Angela Visser was named 
Miss Universe. Indiana Jones' jacket and 
hat were donated to the Smithsonian 
Institution. The Bakkers tried to restart 
the PTL ministries in Orlando, FL. A little 
girl named Jessica McClure fell into a eight 
foot well where she was trapped for days. 
A television movie was made about this 
Midland, Texas girl's rescue. Stefania 
Follini lived 130 days in a cave 
underground. The experiment was to 
simulate "space living." 





Late in November a series of tornados hi 
Raleigh, damaging a five-mile radius area. Oi 
a larger scale, an oil tanker spilled oil into th 
Prince William Sound in Valdez, Alaska 
causing great environmental damage. Ter 
rorist acts were on the rise such as the bomb 
ing of PanAm flight 404 above Lockerbiq 
Scotland. The Soviets also experienced a di: 
aster with the earthquake that hit the sma 
village of Armenia. The death toll was in th 






M *Si^- 




L TO R: Shelby Hobbs, Kjm Sorrells, Cathy Fletcher, 
Mami Harada, Acta Raoufian, Michiko Ogawa 

r I .' 



L TO R: Linnell Vaughan, Katie Landry, Katherine 
Cloninger, Kathryn Taft, Mary Virginia Green, Cary 
Hodges, Kirke Hooper, Laura Peterkin, Robin Bullard 

Robin Bullard practices her strokes in her free time. 



Both high school and college students came out to 
support the basketball team. 

Molly Hull prepares at the free 
throw line. 


ABOVE: It is always action on the court for the 
Saint Mary's basketball team. LEFT: The referee 
decides an important play. 




L TO R: Lea Ann Boykin, Love Noe, Chris Hundley, 
Anna Humphrey 






ROW 1: Ginny Griffin, Lizzie Bull, Sarah Adams, Flossie 
Dossenbach, Margaret Hanes ROW 2: Anna Anderson, 
Dena Blount, Amy Wells 


ROW 1: Christy Hall, Mary Catherine Earnest, 
Kathryn Falls, Ashley Langley, Lisa Svendsgaard ROW 
2: Joe Lamuraglia — Coach, Amy Stone, Jenny Caine, 
Meridith Taylor, Elizabeth Williamson ROW 3: Ginny 
James, Joy Jansen, Catherine Coombs, Audrie Adams, 

Geni Wade 



! t 


Have you had your dose of 

friendly charm from Dr. 

Esthimer today ? 

Mr. Windham 

conducts the chorale 

and ensemble through 

a rehearsal. 


Students at Saint Mary's get a great deal of use out of 
the computers in the library. 

One of the requirements in the high school 
science department classes is an independent 
research project. This year, Myra Halpin sub- 
mitted four Saint Mary students to the Junior 
Science Humanities Symposium. 

Jennifer Mason was one of the students 
whose paper was submitted. She was asked to 
speak about it at NCSU. Her project consis- 
ted of lead testing in different places around 
Raleigh. Besides the project and paper, the 
students also got to go to lectures on science 
and attend science labs at NCSU. 

Nine people from around the state were 
picked. From these nine, a winner was chosen 
to go to New York and compete on a higher 
level. The winner was a female student from 
an area high school, Enloe. Her project was a 
test for diabetes. The price was a $500 schol- 

Dr. Guilmart takes his aftetnoon class outside for a 
change in scenety. 



iTor /us seoe/itec/i j/ear.s of service and a 
Mete dcdicaliofi to >Jiri//i . l/a/y -s (>W/ege. 

{ftcr/ia/d '//. Gonmd f'iflttdj 
f/(i.i retire/ne/it comes, et/ter rig//t/irimt /i/ta/i 
rial ' accom/disAments /or trie school, and con 
sistent sound ousihess management t/irottg/i 
oat t/iei/cars. Sni.s consistent concer/v/or t/i 
students', t/ic Joctdtt/ . andt/ie -stii//. fas kind- 
ness a/id good nature : a/id/iis vigorous scnst 
ofAumor at// /ie missed />g a//. <Jo it it ' 'f/(a/ 
and/areeoell/or ajo/> toe// 'done.'" 



*^ w ^ 49fea# 



Dr. Clauston Jenkins 
President of the College 

Dr. Elgiva Watson 
Dean of the College 

Interview with Dean Hack 

My expectations of Saint Mary's were that my job, which is the resid- 
ence program, would be challenging. I expected to find young, beaut- 
iful women from professional families. I met several sophomores dur- 
ing my interview at Saint Mary's and thought it would be a great place to 
work because the people really like it here. I expected the people 
whom I would work with to be like a family and I also thought that the 
people would be warm in welcoming me. 

All my expectations have come true. The residence program is a de- 
lightful challenge. A real sense of community and family exists at Saint 
Mary's. They really welcomed me. The first day of work, they brought 
me flowers and cookies. I also noticed that the students like it here, a 
sense of ownership is present. They are very proud of their school. 
They care. 

Rosalene Metzger 
Asst. to the Dean of Students 

Mardi Hack 
Dean ot Students 


Faye Fussell 
Administrative Asst. to the President 

Joyce Johnson 
Secretary to the Dean of the College 


Betty Bell 
Faculty Secretary 

Margie L. Johnson 
Switchboard Receptionist 


Anne Soles 
Registrar's Secretary 

Betty Perway 

Suzanne Schmidt 
Registrar's Secretary 

Pat Del Sapio 
Bookkeeper, Student Accounts 

Marjorie Maddrey 
Accounting Supervisor 

Bernard W. Conrad 
Business Manager 

Terry Berg-Hayden 
Computer Systems Manager 

Saundra Doby 


Mary Virginia Swain 
Director of College Relations 

The Rev. Janet C. Watrous 

Carolyn Hicks 
Career and Transfer Counselor 

Donna Spurrier Johnson 
Guidance Off. Secretary 





B k *B^KF~-\ 

Jennette C. Herbert 
Director of Admissions 

Elizabeth P. Dixon 
Assoc. Dir. of Admissions 

Selden Gray 
Admissions Counselor 

Gretchen Smith 
Dir. Financial Aid 


Margaret McGiohon 
Dir. of Student Act. & Hous 


Frances Bell 
Joyce Johnson 
Helen Godwin 
Margaret Selph 
Jackie Johnson 


Pat Plant 

Gisela Plemmons 

Alice Hunter 

Patice McMillan 
Student Asst. 


RIGHT: Roscoe Pettiford has been a common sight at Saint 
Mary's for forty years. 



RIGHT: Win Crawley, Hiram Fuller, and Carolyn 
Whitaker help keep the campus running smoothly. 



BELOW: Cafeteria workers Deborah Blackman, Joan Williams, 
Julie McKeithan, Chuck Horton, Brady Murphy, Edna Eaton, and 
Charles Pollard. 

ABOVE: Pearl Jones greets diners at the door. 

ABOVE: Patricia Mangruum dishes up goodies in the snack bar. 


John U. Tare, Jr. 
Professor of English 

Margaret Grissom 
Asst. Prof., English 

W 1 

Joan P. Battle 
Asst. Prof., English 

Thomas M. Bauso 
Chair, Assoc, Prof., English 

Michael Schroeder 
Asst., Prof., English 

Anna Wooten-Hawkins 
Asst. Prot., English 

Margaret O'Shaughnessey 
Instructor of English 


Arthur McRae 
Asst. Prof., Mathematics 

Diane Johnson 
Instructor of Mathematics 

Ellen A. Birch 
Chair, Prof., Mathematics 

Barbara Elliott 
Instructor of Mathematics 

Roger Lee 
Instructor of Religion 

Wylie S. Quinn 
Chair, Prof., Religion 

Steven Esthimer 
Assoc, Pror., Religion 

June Gunter 
Psychology Instructor 

Harry Callahan 
Chair, Drama 


Terry Thompson 
Chair, Assr. Prof., Music 

Ann Pearce 
Flute Instructor 

Emmett Windham 
Asst. Prof., Music 

Betty Adams 
Chair, Assoc, Prof., Art 

Ellen Few Anderson 
Asst. Prof., Art 


Jancie Swab 
Chair, Assoc. Prof, Biology 

Georgette Campbell 
Assoc. Prof., Biology 

Myra Halpin 
Asst. Prof., Science 

Alice Z. Greiner 
Asst. Prof., Science 

1 II 

i . ■■; •'. la 



Phillip Cox 
Lab Instructor 

Georgette Campbell explains a double helix. 


Dr. Kenneth Guilmart 
Chair, Asst. Prof., Latin 

Dr. Lucy Melbourne 
Asst. Prof., French 


Karen Johnson 
Asst. Prof., History 

John Hume 
Chair, Social Studies 

Joe Caddell 
Asst. Prof., History 

Rebecca Bach 
Asst. Prof., Sociology 

Carolyn Happer 
Asst. Prof., History' 


Antonia Bell 
Dance Instructor 

Rozann Dugger 
Physical Ed. Instructor 

Mary Lou Jones 
Chair, Prof., of Phys. Ed. 

Mary Lida Alexander 
Asst. Prof, of Phys. Ed. 




^.J -•.«> 



Julie fi/***4 

Netfc*$ lift tf Ac tut -n**Ui, ■tttUlc, *»UW — 

fik&e fil 

Jtt^iftx M*lilyh. filfttU 

l&tA*. Mt fl*ct* f tt*ht*hlc\ M i*Af lift., XieA 

4c*h& Me. fy>+t. mU- ten*. <i^»wUf>. fill tit 

\fiU*J*. \ ttiU c*+. itcM ... V «~i lift — It 
love/. %&***■ *IL. — Um~cu 

SLpletf. l)*vi* fitU*. 

fi++JL fiyjutvw* 
f| yei* ItlUvt i*. ycwucl^, i*vt At/icA&e** AyJ. 
^jvJLi, AyJ. y^AJln C*vl uj~, ttei*. U tltt/AM It * 

XleuAbf QLdu. fitJUw* 


Um/40* \tlyctt /)«M« 
i\t*L ileM/ . . . yet* li&t it *h-ete A*J- tt~c\t. . . . 

j *♦*. hlevtUey- "\&**k yet* QeJ., Hen- mJ- 1)*J- 
c\ fi«U-$ nt tit. S£ST \fiwi yt*\* c( ny lif/l 
UU/ ol'ji tit. tett of {/rUvUt! 


CewJtn. nt fyevt- — &**$ 

it ♦ p~it A nc»*e\y tent- nttwwvi 
Ua frwoi. — &^£ (\ti tit M/eJJ. ct^U*- 

fpe'tfa*ytM t^ti A^dtit^i **JXt+4L eiduM. tit 

QMU*. M**lt gefitviffy 
•vtw* ttfiti tit. tfc*$t yoi/vi vtMin. Ache. OtUn 
'it ttihtft yeu'iic ytMtA. tvUj.. tn*'t it >flA*+ty 
ilA wttM. L+& 4e<A Ut Uivtf. «/i tiiU 
•*«<•? ntiit. 

Louitt. ntoit QetttitA. 

StcfJU+^t Li^y. Qwibifrd, 


KwJ£: ImuJ& U* tit *i\ dctJt It «|wuX to cMt 
lltoll l*A Xo+Jt U*ajl n~c teeU **0<»hJ- A+J. 
c&eett yewi ow** Ou>**>J- \p>\ b***C *to<* livt /u*4- 
{Ui/i ttcif. |L M-J* indict <*c<» it /Mil ^hJ- tc^Ai 
ycJLl ony AhJ- M. yen*, teuci *+J- *$JL ye<» <ptt. it 
*U yowl lif/t. Ml'JtJL IVtX It. Pifji Ftoy/. 

S&tit*. £L*i*JL &l~tl 

J***t Qi+vilpJ- &i>cv/*- 

\mvsU*- &U*+Mi£t 
P*su#%t <**■ c+JLy £41 freed *Xvict e\ f*t e**t «♦» 
\%t lifjU f*X&t, 6*4 tit (ih*£ \f>\*Y^4*£ t>l A. 

ftw*'* efauictto. K« -U» t&tir ev/+. &*^». 

— Af*Ci*ytMH*4 

C*xfo*ht f\*-4U* Cto**u£*tl 

Dwt UUtt live* (it octyjJ-UMtJ. it'* *. tittle 
t&i+$ IM+jJLt lib*, a \jiewi\ *yJ- tfat't *■ C*\r 
^lXcfXtA. t£i+$. — Levi **J- RetiOt 






College sophomores that 
attend Saint Mary's college usu- 
ally go their separate ways during 
Christmas vacation. Some go 
home with or without friends but 
others vacation together. How- 
ever they always remain together 
in mind and spirit. 

The sophomores keep in touch 
during the Christmas break, 
which is so much longer than any 
other break, by telephone calls 
and sometime visits. Most of the 
conversations revolve around 
their vacation and how well it is 
going so far. When they get 
together, they go shopping, ski- 
ing, or whatever they enjoy doing 
together at school. 

So no matter how long the vaca- 
tion the sophomores always stick 
it out together. Most realize the 
value of the friendships formed at 
Saint Mary's and try hard to pre- 
serve them, even off campus. 
They also collect valuable mem- 
ories of each other that help their 
friendships grow and develop. 

Sott HcN4 Celt 

!W«£ tic LcU, «*<f toJL\ f ydl fA^v. tit 

tin/, m Let^ M \ livi; I iti'JU. *lfi£ f**int to n*y 

[like. Cevif^U*- 

M<Hy tt^ CwiMA- 


\fWfrU~U $**£{£ bl&lm~t 

EliyA&UiH ieo^tc T)iicy~ 

f'«K tfsJ. f &J- it, f-t^tLf tuMvtL '■& M/M M/tX 

Vvi^i»vU ELUU^c 

Cl&Mfl flAhOt* E*h&Uf 

D*Vt EvA+-l 


tetJlt if ii'* *■ te*^ v/Ay le<nv- it'* M tft 4****. \^kXU\ ye<» Mt ytHA+% ei eU y*t- fetU lit tU Sl^dtM- Ptift Flewi»ey 

tL*f U'* *e ***» t*L to tell. — Levt &U ^J_ Vwt* \ell. 'Cto^i. i| ye* Xo*t ye*\t YeucA».'t*lM/*ylfetii>{Ayc<*WAhXt<4ye<+fU 

ieeiOt JLuJ. aU fe*t. — frrft* %uXt* Pk. DM '22 M/Ut ye* +tU. — R.elL*fi Stew 

SleiJJ. ewt busiU. ivtn, \fJlL e*t «| t*h&, f v/U£ 
yen. *4 tw4 (isf^hCM. i*. uowi ten^ewev/t &l Wi 

DtviJjit. Mc&t Qiu*4. 

\*y*jJui-4&ov. *4 *«« Utfetfaht t&**- w^ewll- 


JM. tyilte* Qm*ti**M 

MMftott H. HMt**+. 

tn* $*■* \jeaM, 

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jBK ^ 


IL ^ ■*• 




Students of all levels at Saint 
Mary's get involved at Hal- 
loween time. Students could be 
seen walking to class in cos- 
tumes. Each hall got into the 
spirit by decorating their halls 
and some even did their rooms 
in the orange and black motif. In 
fact a contest was held for the 
most creative decorations on 
each hall. The day students join 
the festivities and draped the 
house with ghost, goblins, scare- 
crows, and pumpkins. Day 
students completed the haunted 
house by giving tours to parents 
during parents' weekend. An- 
other contest was held in the 
cafeteria Halloween night for 
the best costume. A glance 
around the cafeteria and one 
could see students dressed any- 
where from rabbits to belly 
dancers. ARA food even de- 
cided to join the fun and dress 
up. In the end Saint Mary's 
students helped others while en- 
joying their own fun. SGA 
members escorted children 
from Governor Morehead 
around campus as a safe and fun 
way for them to trick or treat. 

Showing the children from Governor Morehead 
School around on Halloween, Deedee Greene 
and Margaret Hilliman make the children feel 

Trying to decide' who has the best costume, 
Ginny Griffin, Dena Blount, and Jenny Lear all 
think their costume is best. 

iouitt IZwMc. \je$*v- 
^etJt wM- *iuJ- e[ ***■; I «•*♦? *et fatleM/- 

Pot M. «| tfCWl Iffil in C*L ItdtiX **JL w*%d- 

P<X*Ui«- \ju.iu*k**i 

K*Xt*y*- tvty. JejLnte*. 


fetcpvU tot 1&ty m£e l*vt tU fifa «| *h*fc*f 
pit+J^i \/o\ it it c+L e[ QeA-1 tcit ftfjU- \t ih-- 
velvct ■n~to*y tiinft, lot Aleve JUL, tU- f-ewvi «| 
j«m^ «i4 «l e+tt -tell tvJ- AffAtcUXU^ mlsA- 
t*im it frolic tout Levint in *ne1&vi. — ll^-n-j^i 

Mtoy SlLn LaHwu^La 


wicticr ««i* AM yc<M~fc c\ eU- ye<+ fiott*- let tit. f{ yei* w**£ te fio vewitv. — fallow tit ctewd-. 
Coed- tin&i tell. Cto*n *| yci* <*«*» t ««<•■ it ftvJ- tit *m~iU. ( J l*y* «♦» w*Xi *e**Ct «{ 4***jJt 
/t*J- &J. $e+t. — Rftttr %tttt\ Pfe. J)clt '99 J*t**t~t toJ- ytiUsijUy tin^tf. 

CttUtU*. f/. Let^lU. 

\HtvJy K*y M*cKU~he». 
7&» it tic t*>ht to \tn4niw 'eAivtt it wiU. **et 
l*4t $OMVCt. lUiC **l tit tUyt to icU. ev- te 
' cawic wt Wef-'t Attieuft Wt'll w**X te. — 
KUly Jell 

M*»~i \jaaaJU 

nMy lf**4. n***- 


l'vt&*y<-e^*hyj*tilkl / t4wu.i4kAe.*tl*itt fatty. (\%Im-4 MtttocU 

iU*J. A tU ttJnAt*a. %c A +4m/ v/etiJ. I <ks*» m \JJtUtt-tA- ye<* &u <*e***4 «* «UL yc<* fctU- ttX tk 

tit W*4 to tit. i*$fo «( ***■ wM wey- l*vi te-it a,e/. tin** \eit. 'C*t*>t ^ yc<* <W? 700. V 

1^fy e( ttu. Levi <u*ia*. **l. — U2 AuJ. AtU $e»t. —* %uUn, P& bctt '99 

Uwi*. HeiyXed 

Ju^h^csi ly*+. Md*U* 

M«y Zal. McLu* 

tUtUf* Sbplat. MUlvi 

ItACy EUL*. Me\fiA* 
y«u c*+- fail fa\ cJUU-4 «{ *itwi; yet* c**. fall 

fan cfa+4 e\ field; ye<» c*#> fall fax f-tftty Ctottkni A/tWfo* 

ifoto^fitw. toJ- lU ^w«~i«fc* tlty ieU-. — D^vi \{ M/t ceJU^t l**>$- \ liX*M wt'/ M fie i**t**<t 
Stu^Xl — Jl»*hy. Kt~lfat 

\& ^> \ 

Levt Nee. 
l| *X tLct4*<. t vieti. eiiXt IbtM. w*U *4*itA. It to** 
licUit %i*t lit. fllAUStf. vIM \l/ett£ JUL tic pU*>. 

Jiv+*y rlcc+JAy Ov/e+4 

H*^ fit*. P*fc 





After graduation do ail the sopho- 
mores plan to go on to a four year 
college? Some may decide to con- 
tinue their education while some 
may decide to start their career, 
and some go job hunting after 
graduation. No matter what 
people decide the friendship 
found here at Saint Mary's will al- 
ways stay with each and every one 
of us no matter where we all end 
up. There is a special bond that is 
held between each and every 
Saint Mary's girl that will last for 
the rest of their lives. School nor 
work will be able to change the 
friendship we have all found here 
at Saint Mary's. 

Demonstrating how to use chop sticks, 
Mami Harada gives Ms. Jones a quick les- 
son before dinner. 

Working hard, Susie Thompson tries to fin- 
ish her art work before the dead line. 

During a Thursday night mixer, Margaret 
Hiilman, Susan Johnson, and Scott Cole can 
always be friends together. 


fit***. f>u*c& Pif*cfa*ty 
(V *e flsj. v/i itJ. t&i* V*n. to^Altn., ji~d tc 
l)clci*&. Lyy. P&Mlfr. l*t»d. e\ ti*fi A \ct*fc. $u*t~t vJt ji+it yiX -it^iXiJ-i EUyJ,tX&. \NeiU>* Pcwtu. 

We *il Live. vjU~fyi, ItA tetht «{ t~t Ao*t l/wtl **J~ It^mt yet*. kt*ovl '-X cot*** A ti**& lit IUmc tc lie eyJLy XwulU vjJJL tnaJiti it t&M it AW 

«/£». NOW it t OWL #i*W» tc U*Vh- tc |l«f. 4*4* 10 te**C ... C*A«L f>WVK>t£t ittott C<A A* {*>♦». 

L&W14. $4*l*4»4*t Qffil/W. 


CU~Jy Let Rm*m*w*. 
f\ii*Ut£if. it a IcyJ- t£*t t*c cv*. c*** tevct; iX 

ttfrlXt M/iXi- *■ tthilc **J. iX Uut~yWl {jDMAitn.. 

$t*i**- Dittoed- Rc**M**g 


Vou am uJ- tu\ouiu yeu\ llfctl»*£ ty tut \uuvi 
Lu**Jvt*t cmaXum, tit. f^yf/ul ^i^XuAl idufi 
tuAt ** yeu\ MAX. til^ . ■ . Youx outy eltifaAfcou 
lu Auy tlfrtit+4. iito tc tnM. to yownti^ ■ ■ ■ — 

' wrtci- tut w/o\M. Co \ouuA. AuJ. leuuA- AuA- *t*y 


•**>*■ I weudci juil v/itM \ ItieuC. My &u*% ^4 
yeuuC, Cut tuy -ifiji I4. euL ( vt utvt\ Ittu out to 
> vIaX I WM toU. My CaJc te tU Midi U. tU 
fuly Uao. I c*u fell ilieut. tfm/tu. euty Uuowt 
■ilM lUt le^ett tut. tftAvtu outy lt**om <M&t aUL 

<h**Atll tut I cAu't Alb. \f>\ Auyt&ut &UOM. — 

IUuaU Ma**. HL1: Me* % DaJL, AS, MB, BO, 
n, MIL CC, *U U2A- 

LMu Sf^uviU* 

Mam tut (ceA vow- It v/Oti you Aew/u tvt\y ioa/. 

yOU \CA*U Aud- *UAy ^UUAU^Jt Af^J. £*AU*iut14 

tuvwuuA yeu w£ct* you 1/. lAr tiro* uo**Jt AuJ. 
*hAy you <aomI to It f^ioud, A^gu^U/. AuJ. t/vut 
AyJ. Ac uuto otutw A4 you A- uAvt Aeut to you it 
ccu\*4u>ut AuJ. It liAvt AuJ in tuy fU&it you 
V/M AOMAyt itAy tylMVlA. yOUuC. Rfid- SttAt/AM" 

Jiuutyr Lyuu Stout 


/W &*ddL Ue<*$fae* 

kln-ltAty St~t*+- $<M*>*- 

Jtotett \jM l*yLc\ 

$Mu C. 1U^ 


S*^#t $. v*»» At*. Li*M*. 

Uwuifi-dt*^Z Vuk 

|| tk\f, it <t icww&yi tiff* fyvuAtAt tiAffJ-y- it *~ot 

f\*yy Welti {\n*y. Jc \tl^gmi 

I <K \t*Ay ty>\ *M)\l lit. yut^t- *C1il ttsX !'*+• It- 1^ yeu c&ai i*ot to iLltXAc, y0U- <itM l*Ml n^Jj- <t 

yJt yo<». \Nttl ef*+. lU. Ace\, Ac M^yXiU^ tf*% cte'^cc. — Ra*& 

wt AtoA, tc. fifj. I knew t/Ut tUii* v>*utlx^ 

Maw* hlUidt \HiUc* 






Melea Suzanne Adams 

Catherine Ashley Allen 

Paige Barefoot 

Anne Lauren Black 

Olivia Adams 

Wendy Allen 

Louise Page Bates 

Laura Elizabeth Blair 

Sarah Frances Adams 

Heather C. Angles 

Leigh Batten 

Ashley Carol Bloodworth 

Barbara Gale Allen 

Amy Elizabeth Appert 

Talia Anne Beckman 

Haley Scott Bleeker 


Elizabeth Trice Bull 

Holly Elizabeth Byrum 

Claire Cockrell 

Valerie Diane Cook 

Carey Shore Butler 

Brette Clark 

Angela Coffman 

Constance Leigh Coggin 

Barbara Anne Bryant 

Caroline Cloninger 

Aura Colmenares 

Lloyd Ann Corbett 

Paige Byrd 
Susan Sharrock Clyde 

Ashley Cone 
Mary Browning Craft 


Michelle Cress 

Kim Czornij 

Sarah Chestnut Dawsey 

Flossie Dossenbach 

Jennifer Batten Crowder 

Gwendolyn Davis 

Alix B. DeFouloy 

Stephanie Louise East 

Caroline Crumpler 

Jeannie Davis 

Ali Hayes Dilworth 

Kathryn Paula Edwards 

Meg Curnyn 

Stephanie Lane Davis 

Sophia J. Dorton 

Lona Alisa Evans 


Davin Stuart Field 
Meg Gandolfo 

Mary Tyler Reeves Fore 
Keli T. Gardner 

Melissa Dawn Fryar 
Natalie Gaskins 

Laurie Anne Galloway 
Virginia Lee Gray 


A Saint Mary's Girl 

What is a Saint Mary's girl? 
She is a girl who respects 
herself and others. She de- 
velops a bond with her pro- 
fessors and seeks to gain 
new knowledge .through 
each course. She is not a 
quitter, but presses on, even 
if she does not finish at the 
top. She is proud of her 

school and tries to give back 


a little of what the Saint 

I. Maginative 

Mary's community has given 

R. adiant 

her. She is laughter, cham- 

L. oyal 

pagne bubbles, and water- 

falls. She is a friend. 
S. pecial 

Dieting hard, Robin Spears shows 
how well she had done. 

M. emorable 
C. oncerned 
G. abby 

Posing for a friend, Julie Farley 
and Melissa Fryer smile at the 
camera before going to chapel. 







Mb - 

*- fA Ink -*#»■ <w 1 ^ 

/ 1 Hfifc_ .M0tN»l ft 


aying in the s 

■ - 

Playing in the snow, Catherine O'Brien and Shelia O'Brien get a taste^tf something tfie; 
not used to. 

leyjire *^N 




Ellen Jordan Gilbert 
v Kate H. Harrell 

Caroline Townsend Head 
Wendi Hope Holloman 

Pat Gillam 

Kimball Harris 

Brittany Marie Hesla 

Anne Holthusen 

Mollie B. Gowens 

Margaret Elliott Hane 

Allie Lynn Hillifield 

Jamie Johnson 

Catherine Hare 
Mimi Haynes 
Shelby Hobbs 
Amy F. Jones 


Jennifer Leigh Jones 

Mariko Konishi 

Anne Shepherd McKinnon 

Michelle Leigh Nuttall 

Kathryn Branton Jones 

Delia Owen Lock 

Amanda Kohl Mitchell 

Catherine O'Brien 

Kristian Tahnell Kelley 

Sarah Christie McElveen 

Heather L. Moore 

Sheila Robb O'Brien 

Jennifer Kimball 
Virginia Bland McGratty 

Maria Nuala 
Colleen Paulette O'Neil 


The Help 

Of A 

Leaving home and going off to 
school can sometimes put a strain 
on a student. Here at Saint Mary's 
some of this burden is taken off of 
us students. 

Saint Mary's not only is an excel- 
lent academic program but also 
has teachers that are willing to 
help. Anytime a student is having 
trouble in a class she has no prob- 
lem going to the teacher for help. 
The teachers here at Saint Mary's 
make you feel very comfortable 
talking with them and they always 
encourage a student that is having 
trouble in a class. 
Good grades are not always easy, 
but at Saint Mary's with the help 
of the teachers good grades come 
a lot easier. 

Staying after class, Sarah Adams gets 
plenty of help from Mrs. Adams in art. 

Always willing to help, Ms. Birch gives 
Heather Moore a little outside advice. 


Terry Owens 

Belinda Hillis Roberts 

Lauren Sessoms 

Robin Carol Spears 

Kelsea Parker 

Kristen Russell 

Blanche Elizabeth Slade 

Angie Spivey 

Linda Gay Parker 

Janie Schweers 

Sallie Williamson Smithwick 

Helen Spruill 

Jennifer Porter 
Catherine Gray Sellars 

Kim Sorrells 
Mary Ellen Stephenson 


. Katia Suzanne Sybout 
. Anna Norfleet Tilghman 
Garnett Leigh Vranian 

Ali Elizabeth Tew 

Talie Turner 

Samantha G. Walker 

Deanne S. Woody 

Elizabeth Thacker 

Catherine Woodson Vest 

Beth Watson 

Anna Liese Workman 

Katherine Lee Tierney 

Kimberly Amme Vickers 

Audra Wetherill 

Eiko Yaoita 




Ai*Aut Levi /)<6s*Kt 
wt live i*- *■ M/eijU e% Mu^itu-, m&tAJt tvuu*- 

t&hf't ft*clt4 A+J. <AC6*y.. U/t M fat, tic 41*4- 

Itt co+>clwi*o*-, ti4 vH. tfi*J- tU+4 -U» * <^k*»h. 

— Utvt MMi* EmU 

&4 Ae*.'t {ftyX tit. 1*>*ty tl*t n^M. ye<* inJJU, 
ci tit tevty tl*t t**Jt. yen* cam. . . . (\yj. tit 
ievfy. tl*t tAveJ. yev*. liyt. Ytt., ttevtit. cUtn, 
i*ew **J- yewi A. eltvt\ iv/iht, IvJ, tlty mint, tit. 
t>+ly c*44 Wm> tvlA. itoeJ- ly you.. — lit. $»Jtlt 
l)tlly* — tl**4it (e\ jt**M**fc ly ty-t\ \A**tl\ \ 

M**, %ili, $*/., Q%D, IvJluf, £w — f 

ceJMJt Lvt Jie*t it witleU yoJ.ULMN WW. 
CU, U*. I cen*H 



flliu,* Lticl &tt4 
Yeu- CAh. t twi+- t*tk tit. cLccb-. &4 you cau, v/i#J- 
it uf. *f*l*. 

Jto-it MmtMtl %*m^umJU\ 
I get uf. AneuuJ. nvtu-, ttt cut «{ ieJ- AieuuJ. 
uXut, tut I J-eu, t «wu aIcv.% ut>tli*-i, ut> tt- 
cAuV. weiAyihf •» A WAltt «{ **y . . . ti**l — 
Quu>t N Rem 

f\lict \JAtni40u. 3eftft 

I A»H fl/U- f MJ- it, (rUAi^lC it V.M M/tU. WC\tl it 
*+J- cl-it\ty (,IC*4»\L I l/UU MVM t*4t Ic /Co •- .. 

AgAiu,. — MtoA. lw*it*. Loci- tncu+J- «*£ utmi, L 
ca*. iu. t*y Li\f. It^eit tht,, \uu+Jit~C ws • 
A-u«^J. tit. w*y it uuJ. te It. f An- el/t* t-cvj, 
itMt t*tne. tl*+> wkt f WAhtt/t., lut \ will tl*t 
l*J*iU*tU.Lci~t)lt{{» i i\JjjL. — 0*city,UilL 
**J. HmI 


lut e+Jb* /*Kci**C et* tl*4 itoXl |oi a tloii 
It a*JL tleucl <tcwi Ate**** **Ay. ten A*J- 
♦* ««<«. bt*OM/ tlty v/ill vM^tl *At)*y Wt yewi 
l'f ltd jtto~i. — Jt**l»- OiAt-faMJ- uf-tetlt 

l AhJ- t$-ci~d- you V/toJ, lU*h- to l*pt \f\tACA 

i kt~cw tltu yjCMtn. vi'JLl . . ■ *+J. tit f^Xeltt 
h tit feeA-lyt ^t/tt ttM. — QtX $Uvt*4 

E*U$a £Lu* &jloi 

Utility tAh- d&tfoey. tit. dlttth-, Vliy tlotJJ*. t 
tit. tLvu^h. d&ifocy ittliXy) — Qu>\fit Meeit 

£u*^ i* tit lt*cUk. Roll if tit lou*. 1U 

l^clu^ui vltolU~frt tot JLn^cit CVtA.\ — KBQ 

ILm. m*. $JUou fit ic**o»4v>. JUL «^ Lfr., 

tloitff- iOtht &*Vt dUt^gt/.. $etht ^OltVtA. t*ct \jD\ 

ItXttA., totht &tve %Cht **J- tctht u<mUi>. fill 
tltit f£*ct4 wd. tltXn, n~cn*ChM ttilti lcvl\t 6*J- 
\pU*M, I itM. ivlcaU.. Setht tot Aud. 6t*A- it>i*t. 

tot Litjlh^, thy life I've lovtA tilth- Jil. Jclh- 

JaM. ElU/ilctS. &&h**>c]l SloAh- Cf^tht^ ?W^M. 

itoh. t\yU~c to fchU tit co-wi^cc to It. ttyJtA. U* Ufa U LMt *■ tf**t «l t*6lt* — tit clto*u* tot 
-m life, f Jt^cH/ tltX vlelt+J. f^ofM. tot vit/Jf. t%ot ■*» ewi ^ovivi fr<4 tit f^tAyit^ v*. — PlMe 
tojdt. Ovly tit iuCtie. tot w« luJLLt ifooft. 

'- J**ht4 l)tAh. 


f\w*- \\towh*+- &*oeln 

$0 thtstl to M So th4*& to It. VlltM^U. tit 

Peel-, [jew Lucky v/c tot to l*vt iethtXllt*f tl*t 
thjj/ti tAyit^t ieeA-lyt -K> ktoJ- — fit^h^t 


Jcf^Y^t. &\yA*% fUootot 

Wi M*\U C*jU*jU*. 

0*u^ £.L*flctf. CmUM 

"\tJU- JUL tldt clt^atyi you it ^Itu, Ac M yc- 
kuovl you cAu Mi A*J* X| you vjjJ. A itAiou \f 
uv"^ do •£ tot Love &*J- hoi you. Mo**. M^ 

I)aJJ-<^ \(^ul/i-yOU. I LoMt you 10 )M>». 

lit tho-tt leAutlQui AUtovvuy trut \pXt4J4. *t**4t wc cAuuet &4&evi*. uuu tee*** utJLtvi tut (Uve. kjow Ae you loue*/ vifaX ««<.'u <fi^*< to JLeV 

it tf*X ttty £*+> frwvJ ufAiMdy v'J&out flow- cowtftf. to iott tiffy o( tU doit. — UuM^ew*- you JLo '-X ? lit «m#« U, you /o*Jt. f ifc+b I J\ 

iuf A^Ait — E.LyJ,<ML Fotty. $»~oot& $Aillu£: tut iow Jio I Uuow? I win* '-X '■» * ttujJj- tut 

E*Ut, Heuit, Ho., IcMy ?«Aa, tuffiL, £»- tieu. — J.J). $*Lufti 

4juMt, EtU, K*&t, fJLwi 


i ( ItAve. fate tett^ovmvi will yet* itM \u+jmJ,vi 
hi? ( <w**Z It tweJUyfi ey. yevl to «H*f*y fl*ett 
ivc Cot to -ill. f| f 'ifaytd. fate vi'-M- yet* Citet 
\i***6t j*^it ce<JJ*- t (t tit i*n*L, lu***it I *h M 

Rtltcc*. tei^tt Covert 
(| -U •»* fatwn vlcdJ- Mil {fJA. mii favt teti-cnew' t 

•pit M *■ ^ *OM> **J- ti*4 W ¥/M ^JCAjtA. ittJ-i i*ty% fate \jO\ yet*. CAy. fa>U- titty- i+- yowi fl 

eJ^tAt^ey it jutt «*■ Vitiate to CtX iyXe 

l*^ot. — ly*#J- $by**U QE1 (T QAtSH! fa*J. 01 la tUfy. \jM i*te tit t**J- — $&+$ ***u- UJMi$u4 UoUlt. — U+A**w*> 

J fate It *. \e*J. ye tin^lt. iX^ht/Ay ittv/ety tit 
J*wy mU- tit Atok «| t^fii *+A *l ye<* Co *>* 

)Oyt rh^y \jcttoMl tfaX f*ti it |<»1 yOWl tttft 

QiyA $Wjf**ht ClOMI 
I {tec Mutj^ oy tety-ovtOMl t tUtAnvi **J- vie fa <*^. 
oy tcAAy t teAlity, AyJ- wn*tM>fate AteyC tit 
Ml*y I guUi^ttA. fl %t4t ftilyj- (CUi) 

flyCih. %M*t DfitU Peyyi 
Levi tit LeiJ- v/iXi *U- yowi fa&U, to\Jt-i **J. 
rh-U^J-. flyd- Levi yowi yticilei At yewi4tx£- 


Taking a break; Anna Brooks, Kathryn Falls. Letitia Jacobs, and Amy Parrot go to Richmond, Va. for the weekend. 

\judi Cevi*gte*- l)*ttot- 
Owi k&Ll live* ftX cc-n^lic^kJ. iX\ A iin-fL. 

fJUttUJ- tkv$. — Love toJ- RccfoU. 

Dlvetlo* leviewi rlutlc •» tevti A+J. Miotic tech 
Dcf/cUcy!* M>U*£ *+J- Ulu. tit I'^-J. 1/Ut falsi tit 
4i~n. \l&y *o*\ te ktAtju*, AhJ. '&*****£, 1***fi. 

itM^fn. U^i l)ew+ty 
\*tt&u*t^e\ l bJ(f.Aei**+*fe\ l tk+'U*lLyi*A K 
tt\) Ve<* f*u>M(y wctJM-'t ^LrytthltA., f f**> I 
*lly ceuUh-'t {oipi- — $tn/i MMt*. \ w^li 

te icU. v/lt*. yeuit *\p*Xj.. — fiAv-wt 


«* y*>t ycwi 4*v+et I «* yet yowi ItttAyCr I <♦* 
\n& ye*>* {/linvJ-, A+J- yeo- am tt^iye.. — Tw 

(\LcU. PaX byt\ 
l&HH*i£ tic tyci «| ewi fachUt, VII ttA^y. to tu. 
cwMilvw, Ihouti tic iovt «| ewi \picvJ4, vlt 
Luw. to love, ewijctvii; ItUtH^fii tic cto***fi «| 
CWt. faiChAti vlt ttAM*. VljUt H t*CA+4 to It cwi- 
utvot ccn^ttXctu. . . . lie Itit tiihf ye<+ Ac \f>\ 

A bWM>Y- <4 \i"U to It tid\ fylitud.. 

MdUiA V. ElUotU 

(| «eu cAy. Ih*aC**c it, «ou CA4* AciUvt Xt, if y«<» 
c*v. tOiLt**- it, ye<+ CAy. ttcetyc it. — wMiA**. 

flvtU* \HaJL 

Bixyicti Btiit fcw&*. Ltt Q*sJj)~t\ 

«/««» &Avt to tbvovl tit. ticht to fitt tit f-eet to \iltvt e*JLy juit ItCt-y. tc iivt, viiitt Iacl AyJ. 

\ifflt. $Iaj.A+J.1iUI£c 'WjltttyL fi-hJ- 10 U f*4>*h~tt4 A Ilipt \jO\ LmI/. A+J- vlt'lt Cy. CWl VIAtf, 

lf»fc». Kwit Ve+4*tgi4; J\. A+J. yd, vll Vt jwit ttC\^. {Jyjl^cvly. 

lUthy*. JttJti** f-Ailt 
\tldl . . . Vcu Jie+lt \jut *M»el Lite tiA+f — 
yci+ jt*)t v/iti tit t\if- VIM tiwufii. — bot StfA^i. 
W\Ot^ vt tAly A+J. ligit ii &*rd- A+J. it't AlWAyl 
totM. to ACciAc. 


Ctock**- $U*tot Qett/toA 
fv<V \p*U. *H~ti i*V VlitAt Antci). feto to tnttJ-. — 

ICltntcilty Btiyiitti Qci#l4 
I i*VC <t dlt^tH lot i^ iX ffXl *Kt M«/tW, ('<*. 

Rely*. £. Qcn 

Mtoy VlrgliU* Qtebn 
Qeefi- ri^h^t we itve (LfiJ-, *+d- iced- ^XtyJ^, Mie 
w*ajl Leit *Le+*fc tit v)*y; In ti^t 0**^ l<*tt-it yc<* 
cto*. t {oi^et <fcwi ^it, -k> <My ttcwi titoi **w^ 
f^ii en tiwufi. — gei Mtotly. % lit Mlltolw* 

l*h*gl*jtltl*. li glttttA. ti*4* knewlt/jt. 

\Ue (UJ. *ii twelve. tftto* e( H tut tit. itot tv. 
yCA\i tot w£*t ictULf *nt**t tit n-jcit. We «xA> 
tit ted t>l it, ye*. *+J- 1 tie rhjJi tit Ltot e^ 
mi'-M- *■ k$it teto V ewi tyt. 



$M*i piAt^cU. \\*nn*4 

itM hhA yo<* «|( to cofcUct to $**#■ *• little 

hCM/ttACt M*A *H yo<* vi**X to Ac U liMi* (~o<m 

) icoM. 

SiMey SI****. f/*vw 
fl+J. f ti*ew fit vjaca. fj*n ti*X vit-y ACfXy. titt 

AMM- ioWifrtu to til *Wl**it*l -pijl Of*. til *t*C44*- 
U«£ tiAl I {jut thy llfr. 6t£lK. lit'* ttCi*.. StlVl 


I $d ly a/iti *■ little tdf fao** tyy. fauUt. — 
Eittltt. It* til tyj. c[ tie vlotU. M vie b+-o<H it. 


Chi+ty U»4nt H*U 

Q&ly 4*y. tilTl* A tlMlly. \fl\ tiotl v/kl Vlilt W*it. 
W*w i*y It'* IttUi tit 1 A*y it Ai+!t. f '/■ i*tii\ 

,>M*ci l**s*JL '/I'M- tit. 4i**lVt t(U+. CAy VlOi til 
«*i»4«. l&l li**htA<t Ml twci tl^Otl \jlA4*. O+ly til 

jifoX Ml yet*ht. — &My Yoim^. 7& MCAtX to 

Hw>t^ ■i* kt-cwit*£ ti&st to tiwwi *v/*y *+J- 

A**** «laubuf— #T ' T QMS! •' •' SI WO 


iCiiOU Hiciili ^o^pUMla, 

Vot* CM* **tAl\ ittt~ if* til 4M**t tMltA- t\Vid ■ 
' CMvtl t*«tiU*C i* tVl\ til 1Mt*t. 

Bliyiltti Kvilu IjeofJA 

J) AM twH* to *t*it*i*tli M*A tl*i**i*tlt to *f*ttt*e\in 
li\jt, -Ut/tCf* MHMf til AaIMWL ti*t Mil &*4l 
JUj)*4*lA Ml* Ml ye%*t*C M*A MCI* Ml til \f*t**te 
-n> -n*cU it **f- M*A toi*d* it oi*t M*A It til tut yci* 
. . — ioiy. Co**^M HctUhlMyf. 



CLuti** Bt^deU. HuiUL? 

1U. v/cJU- it A teeiU^-^tA^t, **J- give* l*ck te 
U/t\y *•*+■ tic ittycctiev. «| lit evly. \^cc. f\evn* 
flur* Hi»t*f£<icy (X it, A+J- it -U» twi*. v/M teek wo^Ly uf-oy. yew, HctiuA kjett tfwh^UktA. 

\Mc+. ye** fjtttetic t*J. «| yewi ief*e., tic *■ b*~et Ln^. /& it **J- viHi it, toU it it*, jetty, ii+J. f **. tt^cit cwtiewi te ici ititsA \ vi'di tte f*&tt. 
i*. it **J- l***$ «*«■■ eetyf*hie*.. Jac^uc liiyiciiXy 

HtiCMet UtitU. J/itelt l/vi^if«* (\tlcy. J***ct Kttl&iiyc fifltcy ietw*. 

\ <*+. <iit tje\ lewvi *vJ- tctt jtcv** . . . l<it I Lei-C ye<+ tlvt to-J- lid- yeu \JLy ntJla yen <fr/t ftict-^t ml fLefXc vile wM- in tic Aee* wlS 
<A*LVt yeu. ItJ-te tctlcu.. — iity^n^y 5«*||rft. 01 M^tcM4yet*<yM*J£yeute<^M^*£tyeu4ec n/i\yet*t it*c v/*Ltn e<*t. — fl**e**yih>e<M 
iLtttyl it *tt yewi U(f. M/itl tvt\ It. — PU*i- Ftey/- QioIIlw ML +L*% tfctty te l*vt, yet* tn*ev/) f • 

1*y fieeJ.-lyl yew, hit e*JLy *{ ( it Ctt te 1*y i 


isplaying friendship, Cindy Ross, Kristin Gardner, and Virginia Sharp make a 
Iday night more exciting. 


Friends are our best support at 
school. We are away from our par- 
ents and we can not count on their 
moral support 100 percent of the 
time when we are in school. 
Knowing there are friends that 
count on us and that we know will 
always be there for us makes it a 
lot easier being away from our 
parents. It is through this network 
of friends that we can grow and 
develop our individual per- 
sonalities. Saint Mary's presents a 

special atmosphere that enables a 
unique friendship to prosper. 
When you live in a suite or on a 
hall with twenty-five other girls it 
is hard not to be close. A true 
Saint Mary's girl will keep her 
friendships made here at school 
alive long after she has completed 
school. She also will find the 
friendships from Saint Mary's will 
be the basis for all her relation- 
ships the rest of her life. 

So ****** th<M*e\U4 ML bfrecbtJ- Aev/1* AfJ- Itr 
fjUccJ-, a*U I cAy!t tlt+J. te Mt-tic -difyl+fi 
tltht t*JI/X**C n<c {/MJfar — ttAvU*£ yei* Ick+J-. 
— £wu*tk*^6t. Kcfoic mil t^J- AhA- iXMt *%***- 

ItX't lUihM. a tcMt to l*vi zu lu*. Q£I ITS 

fill tlU- M/eiiA'i. A -iUty AyJ. vie. am. rhJAtLy Ac- 
tow. — StUkcifi&u. 

A*hy Si^Ay. IClnM. 
I ty. Jcltit^ yen, tit. fyvufoit tfchfi ye** tvl\ a If 

Mi •vt Vu^U A 1*t*ilc Vl'ji- -XH+&OV4. MI&C '■» lb, & 
it' 4 Vtny ILacH LtA 2tMjttU- 

ICriitU- E. Lwx>* 

kjelcy. iu. 
Vt/ifan/Ayt, AV. <HjtA. **y w>dUl\, *e f cA^t leek 
IacJi. \jc\ tee let*C. Itbu't j<*it tee tw*ct- to itt. 
MiAitlhf i*. l/u>+l e^ »*., A*J- f k*evi tl*X I jutt 
cAy!t $e m\o**£. — Jlt*.n~y. S*-||d- lUnc It t*e 
itMet* vil*p A ksJLeXj-otce^*. tietdj. net t*vt At 
n^-d- L**. At A telttcef*.. — M**£ ImAlt- 

Law\*. UwaIL*. 
YUXtAj-Ay i* LA te/*yt («*OT«t»i te»*evu>M/ 

La totUy! i JjttA***. 


>'jOM*\<* ll\fC\t yet* CA*. **ut <^«U*>. (\**-i Jbh+tdyvi L. M*40*- $t*frM**C C*- A CM «*» A tMtmjAil*. «| AteA**4, 

uV*^ «£*i*v aIjUa. fh*>t*t»&t c\ lifalUy&t, vt 7& et&y 1&U*£ *lc<A tUy^ *- tit- fat %.*cl U tdiXy^c twiti^ '-Xt v-et l^\J-, &**/■ M '-X 1/U***. — 

ClwtihA MuUlwl 

UiA Mev*4 EkAAliti fltMiy Hew 

I *H 4tAyU*fi \i^fct itAC, ' CM-4JL t&U. i* MlitAt tit- f\+J- ^ tit U-J-i OV. tUuUt-l V/l V/M Atj4*d-. 

foe/, t^u ml. V*«» H*U*. 


/*» \ &ct4 to m yewi ift-^Xi. 

4**%**, eUt* toe****, 3USJED!, CUfJ. HUl, 
mU Uu Ni$U KWW 

**J- yewi Soul'* iiill twn~UJ — Qtu*s e*. Zu 


Looking for a new owner Sally Pridgen, Catherine Scott, and Becky Covert decide to put themselves up For Sale. 

<. c*t*'t *lw*yt ftt vlfot ye* vlto&, Iwt i( ye* 
m ie*h£ti*t*t ye* j**t *•*$& (*♦•* ti*X ye* fct 
■Ut ye* *uj.. — T& RoUlhf $te*n 

M«U**y \Ny*ht Pdvdt- 

f\»*A*iU C*u>t Peett 
$enjtl*M4 vlli IXju. A if^WjJLt, j*it CA*-'t rh-dtc tit. 

f^ccct \j£. {Xfy. vim te*fi ev> o<tfWt>, **A vie 
\f£t M^v/e. vitmt- fcXlit~g AfAiZ . . . cetw^c **- 

HMy f\*+t. Pcctt. 

f\**AiJL. IcX^. Pevieil 
QccA \pXt#Jji vit Iswt (UA, Ot\ QcoA faittJU vit 
Left file*fi tic v)*y. I* ti^t tfuctt %*t**t ye* 
c**. t \jOi^et yew), if^itt ie My ye*\ tcwi \ Hy. 
— feci M&ijUy 

>*tty Levcty Pi^Uct* 
0*c Iluum fri&fX ly vij4ck*-t tic ^eppiite, <t*>- 
etic* ly ex^cctU^ tic cttA**JL, Iwt U. viC-e tx.- 
^cctej. tic '■un-jucytiltt IccAtwt <ajC*Aca. ti**- M-. 


Sicri L. Kfilvumy. 

Ci+Af Zdi &>** 

\'A \*%ic\ l*4»ti vl'-tf. tic 1~h*Cvt ti*+- VUf V/'-M- %M. RffMcUL 

tic-i**yfo;tic-tU**t44Mc*M*citMi>icl / t**.0i*ly \'vi $ctU- It w£*ac tic w'^J- *+J- tic v*%ca. <^i 

tic $ceJ~ Mc y*n*h£j — &My Jell \fUC. — JU+*t*y ^J\j{fX 

U* Jttt R.W4lcr C*Xiv*+c Scott \jl\cl*JU BUyitti Scett 

Uvt t*d «~e**ct4 to tic failed, *Uf-, *thctl tic \My 4ey.'t fcefic u+JcnUtU tic tn*Xi, tl*X Netk+f Ltty te Ac t<4 i»~dc inJLt ittJLc. -L 

(^IffcM **J- tic ttCCi, \f>\ OIL +CVC4. hvOMI V/icts \ftXu~Al MC fachJ* faotCVlA. V/Hi fac+J* QlMi^lJ. T)<jU 

cwi t>*et*c*t *4 uf-i Mi micticx it it Cee/t e\ IfiJ-t **t*Mc\ t*t*c t*e\ JXiU**ct cm* U*lci^t\c. 
«t tUffy c\ 1*/., th*ltC t*d fMfthCt^t V^Crt-lcuA. 



i* cm* 't *Ltl***t at vifel <f€i» vjm4, tut ^ you T& fioeJ. tith&l Ml *lt fieyl, ■to f '«* teu*J- let- 
it ^n*ctUt~n, uei* ty^dX \pvJ-i ye<» fitX v/M, H*evi*$ «*>., f It leek |ci yet* if f **.lvtr IacU l&i* 

/( *«<Ai U* tu~Uet* t&tX'-l Luw*^ to {ty COIrM-- 
tiet* %iev*JiJ- IiaX 4iXt\n^uL to toy CM* t vnf- 
*m iMt* \po»- tU mAm*^ tkict toy^i-tUA- mJ- 
twiUZtd- j***t M* ifM--le<**J- fh^yX- I. tf**- 
tt*oi*\/HeeM/£'pM*/CM*i* Xo 

S4M*f*ot* SU*fiteto*. 

Uto£J\pJL fat*****, W*Ml <**<te *Hi ifatlifclX 

>+>/■ /&# /*of- *ni v/*iti*$ \/oi tin. — WMiMt* 

wU* \UmJL 

NctiU*C v* tVW AC&UmuL v/itten-% C4*til~1~M*h: 

reittX yowi l\o<Jil*4 v/*ti * f>**iy M*A A *e**i- 
\*Mi Hutu, t*n*i to Lm*<£. M-J- nt*HLt. \t ** lt*j*et- 
■tUii fy>i M*yoi*i to fie tt*ei*fjl> lifc u/lt&eut fal- 
i*-C. iothi «| ewi ki*cci mi ♦wit tiut^uL IkM* 

«?WMi tt*t ji~li M tit 11M4 M/M 4£*»-jU*v *e VlM 

l£i b~cviltJ~V. m*J- va^tAAt***. wit vi fiM*^iJ.. — 
\Jt4n-ovt* l&M*lt4 Moth- % 1)aJ. \f>\ tvourf&hil I 
Levi yew. 

Lm*a fly*. $bu~frfcU\ 

kjutitn. Lift. $tHith/Ub Ktv^t $UUUt* fluctU Kei»tc*y WUcy. 

Setht rh*y 1Ay {'**. M/Uiii^ *~y. <Uyt AW*y ■ ■ ■ Pteflt ootyJC, ftcflt fe *e*ht ItMIt \/eetf^*Xi U* Sit't fet *■ ttwJLt U 4l£«H* to n-t ItttJ+JU **t 

+*e v/*y; letMivieM/ i* to~otit\ A*y . . . I ***y to tit t**>W &4 i+- tit t+J. yo<» rh*y \pyj. *o*n. ciJUioetL tyttwiU*, mitnt MlAytil** wto *■ 

welt fj*y. — <&»$ L**/l {fetfwJ* i* <^>m *J. — £.f\.\tl. fad to tit tiifit lUt iky. — Q<*« % R**, 

Lit*. WA^m/ Mtoti* ity^fA. "\ie**to*e* £a^cmXa. Mtodl*** \jl*Jt 

SttoM*f «*i. A iM U>- thy thCA^yXtoy. «| Aittof~t, 7&* U. +-et tit t+J.; it U y^et tut*, tit luX++J*~C lee ih^ if^/CUt^Uei^ \t**J**C tiienci ry- 

Ullihf «~yut\ It'* *~et to fctoJ- to it 1ttn~t. — e^ tit t+J.. St4 U i», ftdsfi. tit t+J e^ tit it- t\*U-; tee fhuci ■Uv^'WhaJUh* /Ulvi+f n*. i+ 

LeJ 2tfftLn if**^- — WihJte* CiwttiUl i*+t. — tit PeLa. 



f^ cut *A/*+4t4 cet*{pj&htty i*. tit A^itdlo*. «{ 

iii tUtSuwi, *+J- &h/tAve\* to live tit Ufa. i*. 
ttliUi- it it* Ityffr^tA, it mill tyttt v/iti A <it»c- 
<4tM v^txftctiA '**- cetMKC*. icwit. — IJuny 

iOtviJ- 7itl1tM>. 

{it Meet*. \Mttlt\ 
fiir it> ye<* -d*H tt twit, te li *t*iu*h4t4>ltee4: fS 
it tt> l*J-, tit*, tt> It *t~ln*h/t*ltet>£? Pyt&Afi- 
ovs-t v/M n^Hi^tMteed-t **J- yccnsAt*, A*J. 
J&tutt A&J. \jid&t\i **J- Qtlilte, **J. Httite^i 
**J- u/i>M Lwit, *+*■ win if^ui W*X ww tcck 
\jLt4$.. To It $te*t it tell twwvJjrttoeA. — £«v- 

Tw I. ViMu**4 

EvftlU+^i U yewi dtit tttdtA.. VtH/. U*44* fat)** 

ieW. l*tL AhJ. Cocfi- c**l4. 

I l\*J- SottAwivtt, it>ihtSt>«/i itn*4W*y-i iei*tA*y. 

Tit vicl v/M vievi*. cwiiet^ilyt tit <&&*»*■ It 
l\cltt*. AMtnly, l)\AAti *tfri. A*J- yu*. *#tt ti+4 +4 
i, tit lUy c\ SUlett. — ler+yto* 












Cameron York Bason 

Sarah Theresa Beukema 

Stephanie Antoinette Bishop 

Lee Ann Boykin 

Robin W. Bullard 

Colby Shepard Butler 

Jenny Caine 

Tisha Carroll 

Katharine Anna Clarke 

Sarah W. Coleman 

Catherine Coombs 

Jennifer Robin Culberson 

Ellen Davis 

L. Elizabeth Evans 

Sutton Crawford Foy 

Amy Lea Henrick 

LEFT: Carlyle Herbert and Christina Clark get 

ready to pick up their dates to the "Sweetheart 
Dance." BELOW LEFT: Kari Greene holds her 
breath while Ellen Zimmerman laughs on. 
BELOW RIGHT: Saint Mary's is home away from 
home for sisters Elizabeth Evans and Alisa 

As the junior class, the eleventh graders have the awesome responsibility of 
putting together the senior formal. To raise money the juniors sold hand- 
ikerchieves and t-shirts for father/daughter weekend. The eleventh graders put a 
lot of time and energy into their fund raisers as well as the prom itself. The prom 
.was a big success, considering the popular band "The Unusuals" played the 
night away. The senior class would just like to thank the junior class for a 
(wonderful night and hope their senior prom night will be as memorable as they 
rhave made ours. 


S. Carlyle Herbert 

Lara Jones 

Nancy Leach 

Jennifer Lynn McGeehan 

Julie-Anne Holland 

Claudette Lancaster 

Nelle Broadhurst Poisson 

Vivian Lyn Norwood 

Molly Hull 

Katie A. Landry 

Julia Elizabeth Lynn 

Mandy Perry 

Joy C. Jansen 

Ashley Elizabeth Langley 

Virginia Leigh Mann 

Laura C. Peterkin 


Suzanne Quebedeaux 

Su-Pei Siew 

Cathy Dianne Thompson 

Heather Diane Walker 

Alexandra Quilici 

Angela Dawn Smith 

Margaret Leah Tuttle 

Suzanne Johnston Wayne 

Ashley Reeves 

Kathryn Tart 

Roberta Linnell Vaughan 

Colie Wedick 

Kimberly Russ 

Meredith Cameron Taylor 

Ali Walker 

Ellen Scott Zimmerman 


'I Ki^Bsl 

■1 1 


^M^jiMEisiikdl Hkc^Hn^B 

MBiB^S F^^jP ■ ^^1 MMri| 







Miss-E Bender 
Mary Angelene Bolk 

Holli Donneli 

Ashley Ray 

Lara Frances Sykes 

Sloan Dupree 
Ann Maury Smith 
Penny Thompson 

Ashley Michelle Edmonds 

Elizabeth Ann Stephenson 

Regina Dawn Williams 


Having tenth graders at Saint Mary's is still a fairly new idea. The popularity of the 
idea is growing as each incoming class of tenth graders increases. Some of the tenth 
graders are surprised at the work load expected of them as well as the college 
atmosphere. All at once they must learn to budget their time and take on greater 
responsibilities. These tasks are difficult for many college freshman but even more 
strenuous when you only have one year of high school experience. As a result the faculty 
and staff try to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

To start with, each tenth grader has an advisor like all other students. The advisor 
helps tenth graders decide between the various plans of graduation. For example, a tenth 
grader can graduate in three instead of four years, or she can obtain college hours in her 
senior year. It also helps to have a big sister in the big sister/little sister program. This 
plan insures the tenth grader of always having a peer she can talk to. 

The tenth grader should be complimented on her ambition to succeed. Each girl is 
special in her own way and adds a touch of variety to the freshman class. Saint Mary's is 
lucky to have such an unique plan and such talented young girls in the program. The 
upper classmen hope the program continues to grow so that Saint Mary's can continue to 
grow and foster new ideas. 

Although the tenth graders are far out numbered by the junior 
class, most find it easy to mingle with the upperclassmen. Meg 
Tuttle, Elizabeth Stephenson, Laura Sykes, Ellen 
Zimmerman, Cathy Thompson, and Catherine Coombs. 

Linnell Vaughn panics when someone 
mentions Hell Night. 




A*- r 




* * 

'.. -. '. '. '. '• '* «• '« ' ' ' 

I * 4 

1 i i * m » 

1 1 '. '. % '. r . 1 % •• \ % 

1 * H M n 

' 5 

* «. r. 

1 , , 

S t 

1 • 

'» r. 

i I 

* r 

% f 

ft • 

'. '. 

'• '. 

J -< 





Edith C. Bender 
2726 Millbrook Rd. 
Fayetteville, N.C. 28303 

Mary H. Donnell 
8253 Hillside Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Sloan H. Dupree 

7000 Ebenezer Church Rd. 

Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Ashley M. Edmonds 
2800 Pidgeon Hill Rd. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27613 

Mary A. Polk 
455 Dreger Sr. 
Memphis, T.N. 38109 

Ashley H. Ray 
7409 Amaris Lane 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Ann M. Smith 

Nine Buck Branch Dr. 

Richmond, VA 23233 

Elizabeth A. Stephenson 
121 East Main St. 
Clayton, N.C. 27520 

Lara F. Sykes 
P.O. Box 446 
Elkhorn City, KY 41522 

Penny J. Thompson 
4912 Richland Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Regina D. Williams 
3018 Omah St. 
Durham, N.C. 27705 


Cameron Y. Bason 
3035 South Fairway Dr. 
Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Sarah T. Beukema 

2404 Wiley Dr. 

N. Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29582 

Stephanie A. Bishop 

Box 156 

Rawlings, VA 23876 

Lea A. Boykin 
Route 1, Box 458 
Willard, N.C. 28403 

Robin W. Bullard 
408 Forest Road 
Laurinburg, N.C. 28352 

Colby S. Butler 
2525 13th Street, N. 
Naples, FL 33940 

Jennifer L. Caine 
15 Colonial Dr. 
Wilmington, N.C. 28403 

(Catherine A. Clarke 
904 Thoreau Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27609 

Sarah W. Coleman 
General Delivery 
Weber City, VA 24251 

Catherine W. Coombs 

1074 Loyalist Lane 

Mt. Pleasant, S.C. 29464 

Jennifer R. Culberson 
3721 Williamsborough Ct. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27609 

Mari E. Davis 
207 West 12th St. 
Scotland Neck, N.C. 27874 

Mary C. Earnest 

P.O. Box 1383 

Lake Junaluska, N.C. 28745 

Laura E. Evans 
1605 Lileswood Dr. 
Monroe, N.C. 28110 

Sutton C. Foy 
P.O. Box 10485 
Southport, N.C. 28461 

Kari L. Greene 
610 Sailboat Dr. 
Niceville, FL 32578 

Amy L. Henrick 
13500 DurantRd. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27614 

Sarah C. Herbert 
1919 Reid St. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27608 

Julie-Anne E. Holland 
323 Calzada De Bouganvill 
Marathon, FL 33050 

Marilyn L. Hull 

8521 Old Leadmine Rd. 

Raleigh, N.C. 27615 

Joy C. Jansen 

103 Royal Club Dr. 

Cary, N.C. 27513 

Carol L. Jarvis 
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Lara L. Jones 

1508 W.Jefferson Ave. 

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Catherine A. Landry 
220 81st Street West 
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Nancy C. Leach 
Route 5, Box 271 
Washington, N.C. 27889 

Virginia L. Mann 
406 Heather Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27606 

Jennifer L. McGeehan 

2313 Mt. Vernon Church Rd. 

Raleigh, N.C. 27614 

Patice E. McMillan 
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Patticia A. Perry 
Route 5, Box 482 
Zebulon, N.C. 27597 

Laura C. Peterkin 
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Columbia, S.C. 29205 

Nelle B. Poisson 
1 5 British Ct. 
Smithfield, N.C. 27577 

Claudia S. Quebedeaux 
2100Oakcrest Ct. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Alexandra G Quilici 

5101 Collins Ave., Penth C 

Miami Beach, FL 33140 

Ashley W. Reeves 
108 Ridgepath Way 
Cary, N.C. 27511 

Kimberly L. Russ 
4 1 3 Myrtlewood Ct. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27609 

Charlotte E. Sears 
Route 1, Box 163 
Scranton, N.C. 27875 

Su-Pei Siew 

59100 Kuala Lumpur 

Malaysia, O. 

Angela D. Smith 
518 Oaklawn Ave. 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27104 

Amy E. Stone 

2701 Leafield Terrace 

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Meredith C. Taylor 
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Catherine D. Thompson 
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Clayton, N.C. 27520 

Margaret L. Turtle 
812 Cowper Dr 
Raleigh, N.C. 27608 

Roberta L. Vaughan 
1537 Village Glen Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Alison M. Walker 
1034 Troon Dr. East 
Niceville, FL 32578 


Suzanne J. Wayne 
2401 Richardson Dr. 
Charlotte, N.C. 28211 

Nicole M. Wedick 
4012 Oak Park Rd. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Ellen S. Zimmerman 
107 Presrwick Ct. 
Greenwood, S.C. 29646 


Audrie L. Adams 
1602 Heathcliff Rd. 
High Point, N.C. 27260 

Allison R. Allen 

P.O. Box 223 

Wnghtsville Beach, N.C. 28480 

Alyse D. Armfield 

P.O. Box 809 Laurel Lane 

Blowing Rock, N.c. 28605 

Billie R. Barefoot 

523 Parker Rd. 

Mt. Airy, N.C. 27030 

Alison L. Bates 
107 Fallsworth Dr. 
Cary, N.C. 27513 

Janis M. Baumrucker 
P.O. Box 1060, Holt Rd. 
Highlands, N.C. 28741 

Alice H. Boggs 

206 E. Brook Run Dr. 

Richmond, VA 23233 

Travis E. Brady 
604 Maupin Ave. 
Salisbury, N.C. 28144 

Jade E. Brannock 
P.O. Box 18304 
Raleigh, N.C. 28619 

Sloan G. Bridger 
800 Lake Boone Tr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27607 

Anna H. Brooks 
303 Sliding Hill Rd. 
Cheraw, S.C. 29520 

Jennifer B. Brooks 
4 104 Darlington PI. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Carolyn L. Bullock 

316 Third Ave. P.O. Box 462 

Knightdale, N.C. 27545 

Bridget E. Butler 
407 Wonderwood Dr. 
Charlotte, N.C. 28211 

Sarah M. Calandra 
150 Mill Lane Rd. 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Casey E. Caudill 

230 Fairhaven Dr., Rt. 2 

Blountville, TN 37616 

Anna T. Carroll 
122 Parkwood Dr. 
Wilmington, N.C. 28403 

Julia E. Lynn 

3404 Nimitz Rd. #B-5 

Kensington, MD 20895 

Heather D. Walker 
5421 Hardison Rd. 
Charlotte, N.C. 28226 

Christina L. Clark 
1911 Stanton Rd. 
Kinston, N.C. 28501 


Heather C. Clark 
612 College St. 
Clinton, N.C. 28328 

Elizabeth H. Grogan 
P.O. Box 1314 
Midlothian, VA 23113 

Monica McClain 

Route 2, Box 75-F 

Holly Springs, N.C. 27540 

Tacy H. Slater 
96 Old Bridge Ln. 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Kathenne B. Cloninger 
902 Huntsford Terrace 
Thomasville, N.C. 27360 

Christine L. Hall 
P.O. Box 415 
Maryville, TV 37803 

Christina P. Maderios 
85 Kendall Road 
Keene, N.H. 3431 

Laura A. Slaughter 
1820 Neelley Rd. 
Pleasant Garden. N.C. 27313 

Louisa Colmore 
Route 2, Box 402 
Risingfawn, Ga 30738 

Sarah F. Harris 
1924 Kensal Ct. 
Charlotte, N.C. 28211 

Elizabeth A. Morris 
1424 Canterbury Rd. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27608 

Heather L. Smithwick 
921 Partridge Ln. 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27106 

Rebecca L. Covert 
1502 Rogers Rd. 
Graham, N.C. 27253 

Shelley E. Harris 
501 Oakdale Dr. 
Ayden, N.C. 28513 

Elizabeth A. Moser 
510 Wilkinson Dr. 
Launnburg, N.C. 28352 

Kerrie E. Strickler 
401 Shore Dr. 
Emporia, VA 23847 

Juliet F. Coward 
Route 1, Mount Gilead 
Murrells Inlet, S.C. 29576 

Cary H. Hodges 
12 36th Ave., N.W. 
Hickory, N.C. 28601 

Alison S. Nanninga 
20 East 49 St. 
Savannah, GA 31405 

Angela K. Sutton 
3307 Virginia Avenue 
New Bern, N.C. 28560 

Gina S. Grow 
700 Lakeshore Dr. 
Bennettville, S.C. 29512 

Kristie M. Hoffstedder 
11209 Sedgefield Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27613 

Elizabeth E. Nicholas 
755 Loridans Dr. 
Atlanta, GA 30343 

Lisa 1. Svendsgaard 
102 Concord Dr. 
Chappel Hill, N.C. 27514 

Angele R. Dalla Pozza 
4901 Stoneridge Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Elizabeth K. Hooper 
2311 Saddle Club Rd. 
Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Vivan L. Norwood 
1905 Sinking Creek Rd. 
Johnson City, TN 37604 

Martha J. Thomasson 

104 Dunbarton Circle, S.E. 

Aiken, S.C. 29801 

Heath C. Dalton 
1735 Berwickshire Cr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27615 

Anna P. Humphery 
P.O. Box 1014, Satchwell 
Burgaw, N.C. 28425 

Ashley F. Nunn 
4005 Oak Park Rd. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Eugenia M. Wade 
3904 Swarthmore Rd. 
Durham, N.C. 27707 

Ruth T. Dobson 
215 N. Second St. 
Smithfield, N.C. 27577 

Christine E. Hundley 
P.O. Box 66 
Boydton, VA 23917 

Amy C. Parrott 
412 Bruce Dr. 
Camden, S.C. 29020 

Kiley A. Wells 

Seven Sakonnet Terrace 

Middletown, R.I. 2840 

Jennifer L. Downey 
3313 Boulder Ct. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27607 

Melissa E. Hunsicker 
1654 12th St., N.E. 
Hickory, N.C. 28601 

Amanda C. Poole 
P.O. Box 12674 
Raleigh, N.C. 27605 

Lee M. Wheeler 
125 Saint David St. 
Grifton, N.C. 28530 

Melissa D. Downey 
10801 TheOlde PI. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27614 

Margaret L. Jacobs 
3104 Monument Ave. 
Richmond, VA 23230 

Sally Pridgen 

635 Knighton Hill Rd. 

Rock Hill, S.C. 29730 

Tina L. Williams 
Route 1, Box 105 
Scranton, N.C. 27875 

Alicia P. Dyer 

2644 S. W. Ravensview Dr. 

Portland, OR 97201 

Virgina A. James 

P.O. Box 68 

Mt. Pleasant, N.C. 28124 

Sheri L. Roberson 
5100 Bridlington 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Elizabeth R. Williamson 
350 Beauregard Avenue 
Petersburg, VA 23805 

Melissa V. Elliotte 
5616 Winthrop Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Estella M. Keller 
1803 N. Lumina 
Wnghtsville Beach, N.C. 28480 

Cindy B. Ross 
217 Churchill Dr. 
Greenville, N.C. 27834 

Laura H. Wyrick 
2533 York Rd. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27608 

Elizabeth W. Ellis 
5312 Studeley Ave. 
Norfolk, VA 23508 

Kathryn J. Falls 
P.O. Box 1687 
Kilmarnock, VA 22482 

Donna E. King 

2209 Oxford Hills Dr. 

Raleigh, N.C. 27608 

Amy S. Kinser 
7209 St. Clair Dr. 
Matthews, N.C. 28105 

Jennifer R. Russell 
3601 Canter Ln. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27604 

Sue J. Russell 
3316 Landor Rd. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27609 


Wendelin A. Allen 
Route 2, Box 2097 
Blue Ridge, GA 30513 

Kristin L. Gardner 
970 16th Ave. PI. N.W. 
Hickory, N.C. 28601 

Caroline S. Goddard 
Quaint Acres 
Boston, VA 22713 

Kimberly E. Goines 
3305 Mandy Lane 
Morehead, N.C. 28557 

Robyn E. Goss 
6933 GlendowerRd. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Mary V. Green 
2201 Canal Dr. 
Wilson, N.C. 27893 

Ashley D. Griffin 
135 Burlington St. 
Holden Beach, N.C. 28462 

Ashley E. Langley 
3709 Woodlawn Rd. 
Rocky Mount, N.C. 27804 

Kristin E. Lawson 
13700 Solstice Close 
Midlothian, VA 23113 

Helen F. Lee 

1302 Kathwood Dr. 

Columbia, S.C. 29206 

Laura M. Lewallen 
1131 Windsor Dr. 
Wilmington, N.C. 28403 

Dana E. Marcinak 
9916 Highway 17 North 
, McClellanville, S.C. 29458 

Jennifer L. Mason 
14108 Wyndfield Circle 
Raleigh, N.C. 27614 

Catherine E. Scott 
P.O. Box 522 
Manteo, N.C. 27954 

Virginia E. Scott 

336 Country Club Blvd. 

Florence, S.C. 29501 

Virginia K. Sharp 
3526 Canterbury Rd. 
New Bern, N.C. 28562 

Kathenne R. Sheftall 
3 Cochran Court 
Charleston, S.C. 29407 

Nicole I. Shope 

450 16th Avenue, South 

Naples, FL 33940 

Shannon D. Singleton 
326 Transylvania Avenue 
Raleigh, N.C. 27609 

Constance L. Goggin 
146 Lennox Dr. 
Wadesboro, N.C. 28170 

Lloyd A. Corbett 
P.O. Box 8 
Swansboro, N.C. 28584 

Mary E. Cranford 
2410 Old Concord Rd. 
Salisbury. N.C. 28144 

Katherine A. Johnson 
P.O. Box 975 
Hickory, N.C. 28603 

Krisrian T. Kelley 
160 East Main St. 
Sylva, N.C. 28779 

Angie M. Spivey 
201 Tree-Fern Dr. 
Morehead, N.C. 28557 



Rana F. Abdelfattan 
107 Greengate Court 
Cary, N.C 27511 

Melea S. Adams 
I 2010 Sussex Ln. 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27104 

Olivia A. Adams 
400 E. Washington St. 
Nashville, N.C. 27856 

Sarah F. Adams 

8625 Mt. Pleasant Ch. Rd. 

Willow Springs, N.C. 27592 

Barbara G Allen 

6758 Olde Province Court 

Raleigh, N.C. 27615 

Katherine A. Allen 
3307 Surrey Rd. 
Durham, N.C. 27707 

Heather C. Angles 
124 Bowsring Dr. 
Williamsburg, VA 23185 

Amy E. Appert 
913 Parkside Dr. 
Wilson, N.C. 27893 

Melissa P. Barefoot 
9441 Springdale Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Page L. Bates 
3714 EtonRd. 
Durham, N.C. 27707 

Elizabeth L. Batten 
37 Legate St. D., #215 
Charleston, S.C. 29401 

Talia A. Beckman 
2109-8 Turtle Creek Dr. 
Richmond, VA 23233 

Anne L. Black 
8005 Shellnut Rd. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27615 

Laura E. Blair 

1300 Queens Rd., #215 

Charlotte, N.C. 28207 

Haley S. Bleecker 
5 Knob Creek Rd. 
Pisgah Forest, N.C. 28768 

Caroline C. Bowers 
74 Fernwood Rd. 
Murrells Inlet, S.C. 29576 

Barbara A. Bryant 
2211 Whitman Rd. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27607 

Elizabeth T. Bull 
1704 Catawba St. 
Columbia, S.C. 29205 

Carey S. Butler 

2509 S. Edgewater Dr. 

Fayetteville, N.C. 28303 

/ Stephine P. Byrd 
337 Lynn Avenue 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27104 

Holly E. Byrum 
1336 Brooks Avenue 
Raleigh, N.C. 27607 

Nicolette G. Castanas 
4212 Windwood Circle 
Charlotte, N.C. 28226 

Trudy B. Clark 
305 Southern Blvd. 
Rocky Mount, N.C. 27801 

Caroline B. Cloninger 
1336 Huntsford Terrace 
Thomasville, N.C. 27360 

Elizabeth C. Cockrell 
7 Rio Vista Dr. 
Richmond, VA 23226 

Angela L. Coffman 
921 Orchard Hill Dr. 
Winchester, VA 22601 

Valerie D. Cook 

P.O. Box 150 

Glen Alpine, N.C. 28628 

Mary B. Craft 

3600 Westridge Circle Dr. 

Rocky Mount, N.C. 27804 

Deane M. Cress 
2503 Sanderson Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27608 

Jennifer B. Crowder 
6521 Newmarket Way 
Raleigh, N.C. 27615 

Stephanie C. Crumpler 
3659 Old Hollow Court 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27106 

Meghan N. Curnyn 
7181 Twin Branch Court 
Atlanta, GA 30328 

Kimberly M. Czornij 
4500 Chaucer Dr. 
Greensboro, N.C. 27407 

Gwendolyn M. Davis 
24 River Forest 
Pittsboro, N.C. 27312 

Stephanie L. Davis 
P.O. Box 130 
Middlesex, N.C. 27557 

Sarah C. Dawsey 
906 Kit Hall Rd. 
McClellanville, S.C. 29458 

Deborah F. DeBruhl 
923 West End Blvd. 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27101 

Alexandra B. Defouloy 
132 South Adams St. 
Petersburg, VA 23803 

Alison H. Dilworth 
532 Greenwood 
Kenilworth, IL 60043 

Florence B. Dossenbach 
713 FittsSt. 
Sanford, N.C. 27330 

Margaret W. Dunlap 
1906 Stone St. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27608 

Stephanie L. East 

3 Blue Heron 
Brunswick, ME 4011 

Kathryn P. Edwards 
61 Forest Gardens 
Hilton Head, S.C. 29928 

Lona A. Evans 
1605 Lileswood Dr. 
Monroe, N.C. 28110 

Julie G. Farley 

14 Brookhollow Dr. 

Glen Allen, VA 23060 

Davin S. Field 

4306 Kanawha Avenue S.E. 

Charleston, W.V. 25304 

Mary Tyler R. Fore 
207 Fairlane Rd. 
Greenville, N.C. 27834 

Meliss D. Fryar 

4 Tucaway Dr. 
Fletcher, N.C. 28732 

Laurie A. Galloway 
113 Hampshire Place 
Chapel Hill, N.C 27514 

Margaret E. Gandolfo 
276 West Street 
Mandville, LA 70448 

Kelly T. Gardner 
317 Westover Dr. 
High Point, N.C. 27260 

Virginia L. Gary 
2956 Central Avenue 
Memphis, TN 38111 

Natalie A. Gaskins 
612 Lakestone Dr. 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27106 

Ellen J. Gilbert 

207 Wymberly Rd. 

St. Simons Island, GA 31522 

Martha R. Gillam 
203 South King St. 
Windsor, N.C. 27983 

Martha B. Gowens 
4113 Wycliff Dr. 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27106 

Margaret E. Hane 
1536 Heatherwood Rd. 
Columbia, S.C. 29205 

Katherine H. Harrell 
904 Beaver St. 
Sewickley, PA 15143 

Evelyn K. Harris 
224 Main St. 
Oxford, N.C. 27565 

Mry K. Haynes 
1295 Kershaw Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27609 

Caroline T. Head 
4854 Rock Spring Rd. 
Arlington, VA 22207 

Lara B. Henrick 
13500 DurantRd. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27614 

Shelby W. Hobbs 
806 Chinoe Rd. 
Lexington, KY 40502 

Allison L. Hollifield 
8734C Dogwood Dr. 
Charlotte, N.C. 28215 

Anne R. Holthusen 
401 Sheffield Dr. 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27104 

Charlotte R. Hubbard 

100 Harwood Circle 
Williamsburg, N.C. 23185 

Jamie S. Johnson 
324 Stevens Street 
Wallace, N.C. 28466 

Jeana C. Johnson 
3333 Hampton Rd. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27607 

Jennifer L. Jones 
912 Second St., N.E. 
Hickory, N.C. 28601 

Kathryn B. Jones 
Route 1, Box 1032 
Dinwiddie, VA 23841 

Jennifer J. Kimball 
2330 Waverly Dr. 
Wilmington, N.C. 28403 

Mariko Konishi 

6-11-23 Higashinarashino 

Narashino Chiba, Japan 

Delia O. Lock 

802 E. Rollingwood Rd. 

Aiken, S.C. 29801 

Kelly D. Lowery 

101 Hedgerow Court 
Cary, N.C. 27513 

Sarah C. McElveen 
3610 Cassina Circle 
Columbia, S.C. 29205 

Virginia B. McGratty 
705 Oak Avenue 
Waynesboro, VA 22980 

Amanda K. Mitchell 
299 Glencastle Dr. 
Atlanta, GA 30327 

Heather Moore 

140 Steeplechase Rd. 

Rocky Mount, N.C. 27804 

Karen D. Muller 
133 Bonnell Court 
Cary, N.C. 27511 

Maria I. Naula 

4858 Dunwoody Station Dr. 

Dunwoody, GA 30338 

Michelle L. Nuttall 
2424 Hartmill Court 
Charlotte, N.C. 28226 

Colleen P. O'Neil 

10207 E. Hunter Valley Rd. 

Vienna, VA 

Michiko Ogawa 
1-6-25 Yamamotodori 
Kobeshi, Japan 650 


Terry G. Owens 
P.O. Box 184 
Macclesfield, N.C. 27852 

Katherine L. Tiemey 
3413 Old Lassiter Mill Rd. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27609 

Joverne J. Allred 
8425 Two Courts 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Virginia B. Eldrige 
2419 Cherwood Avenue 
Charlotte, N.C. 28207 

Kelsea Parker 

26 Wedgewood Rd. 

Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514 

Anna N. Tilghman 
1004 West Harnett St. 
Dunn, N.C. 28334 

Anna C. Anderson 
104 Fern Avenue 
Marion, N.C. 28658 

Cherly F. Emery 
3520 Mansfield Dr. 
Rocky Mount, N.C. 27803 

Linda G. Parker 
101 Motchell St. 
Warsaw, N.C. 28398 

Natile E. Turner 

P.O. Box 443 

Kings Mountain, N.C. 28086 

Dorothy C. Anderson 

P.O. Box 1166 

Wrightsville Beach, N.C. 28480 

Katherine A. Falls 
206 Country Club dr. 
Greensboro, N.C. 27408 

Jennifer A. Poter 
129 Pecan Ln. 
Salisbury, N.C. 28144 

Satomi Uchida 

1124 Sato, Hatogaya-Shi 

Saitama, Japan 334 

Lawson W. Armes 

Scotch Meadows, Box 1783 

Laurinburg, N.C. 28352 

Mary C. Fletcher 
4200 Country Ln. 
Matthews, N.C. 28105 

Atussa Raoufian 
102 Lee St. 
Greenville, N.C. 27858 

Anna M. Underwood 
3409 Williamsborough Ct. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27609 

Michelle Baba 
1910 Eastside Dr. 
Newton, N.C. 28658 

Elisabeth P. Flournoy 
1905 York St. 
Kinston, N.C. 28501 

Belinda H. Roberts 
202 Moringside Dr. 
Lakeland, FL 33803 

Ashley M. Rogers 
3810-101 Grey Harbor Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27604 

Kirsren C. Russell 
9045 S.W. 58 Avenue 
Miami, FL 33156 

Catherine W. Vest 
980 Ashland Avenue 
Bedford, VA 24523 

Kimberly A. Vickers 
3287 Fieldcrest Dr. 
Montgomery, AL 36106 

Garnett L. Vranian 
235 Ross Rd. 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Margaret O. Barnes 

6212 Shore Acres N.W. Dr. 

Bradenton, FL 33529 

Dena A. Blount 
4925 Brookhaven Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Gillian M. Boatright 
7506 Park Vistia Circle 
Pineville, N.C. 28134 

Lee A. Grant 
3424 Drexel Rd. 
Montgomery, AL 36106 

Deidre M. Greene 
2 1 Charnwood Rd. 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Virginia D. Griffin 
135 Burlington St. 
Holen Beach, N.C. 28462 

Elizabeth M. Savill 

4301 Gainsborough Court 

Tampa, FL 33624 

Jennifer K. Walker 
7108 Levert Circle 
Raleigh, N.C. 27609 

Louise M. Boucher 
3508 Palm Court #301 
Raleigh, N.C. 27607 

Jill W. Gwaltney 
201 Monnefield Dr. 
Smithfield, N.C. 23430 

Jane A. Schweers 
3915 Vermont Rd. 
Atlanta, GA 30319 

Tomoni Watanabe 

3-5-18 Amagasuka Yokkaichi 

Mie, Japan 512 

Heather H. Bradley 
1499 Longhorne Rd. 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Mami Harada 

Sisa 4-15-14, Nakameguro 

Tokyo, Japan 153 

Lauren R. Sessoms 
210 Highland Rd. 
Southern Pines, N.C. 28387 

Mary E. Watson 

101 Bristol Court 

Rocky Mount, N.C. 27803 

Shelia E. Britt 
Route 1, Box 56 
Bicoe, N.C. 27209 

Margaret M. Hillman 
655 Abingron Dr., N.E. 
Concord, N.C. 28025 

Elizabeth B. Slade 
P.O. Box 1385 
Pinehurst, N.C. 28374 

Audra R. Wetherill 

P.O. Box 931 

Wrightsville Beach, N.C. 28480 

Janet C. Brown 
1927 Cassamia Place 
Charlotte, N.C. 28211 

Lesa A. Hocutt 

635 Winterlochen Rd. 

Raleigh, N.C. 27603 

Sallie W. Smithwick 
1808 East Walnut St. 
Goldsboro, N.C. 27530 

Kimberly C. Sorrells 
4818 Carteret Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Robin C. Spears 

2530 N. Edgewater Dr. 

Fayetteville, N.C. 28303 

Anna B. Wolverton 
2100 Camrose Ln. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27607 

Deanne S. Woody 

Box 1134 

Roxboro, N.C. 27573 

Anna L. Workman 
Route Four, Box 599 
Mebane, N.C. 27302 

Kirsten A. Brundage 
1535 Lexington Dr. 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Stephanie L. Burhart 
6101 Chowing Court 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Catherine A. Carmichael 
2801 Earlswood Rd. 
Midlothian, VA 23113 

Louise B. Hogan 
501 Hertford St. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27609 

Christina W. Hunsicker 
1654 12th St., N.E. 
Hickory, N.C. 28601 

Paricia L. Jenkins 
1212 Stockton Rd. 
Kinston, N.C. 28501 

Helen M. Spruill 
4017 North 30th St. 
Arlington, VA 22207 

Eiko Yaoita 

2-23-20 Higashi Tsukuba 

Ibaraki-Ken, Japan 305 

Scott M. Cole 
3100 Clarendon Rd. 
Charlotte, N.C. 28211 

Susan C. Johnson 
2024 Stedwick Place 
Charlotte. N.C. 28211 

Mary E. Stephenson 
5014 Shamrock Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Elizabeth A. Stewart 
4970 S.W. 79th St. 
Miami, FL 33143 

Yew Nee Teoh 

163-A Kelawei Rd., Geo. Town 

Penang, Malaysia 10250 

AH E. Tew 

902 Willow Run Dr. 

Raleigh, N.C. 27609 

Elizabeth R. Thacker 
3429 Oak Trail Dr. 
Clayton, N.C. 27520 


Julia S. Adams 

4940 Southwest 77th St. 

Miami, FL 33143 

Akiko Aimono 

Sisa, 4-16-14, Nakamegura 

Meguro-Ku, Tokyo 153 

Jennifer M. Alford 
4508-3E Providence Rd. 
Charlotte, N.C. 28226 

Elizabeth D. Allen 
300 West Church 
Farmville, N.C. 27828 

Leslie A. Covington 
905 Forredt Hill Dr. 
High Point, N.C. 27262 

Mary L. Curren 
200 Tchefuncte Dr. 
Covington, LA 70433 

Virginia S. Dickens 
129 Church St. 
Enfield, N.C. 27823 

Elizabeth L. Dixon 
4501 Parview Dr. 
Charlotte, N.C. 28226 

Helga N. Durand 
721 Ridgecrest Rd. 
Langrange, GA 30240 

Mary E. LaMauraglia 
2314 Cypress Lane 
High Point, N.C. 27260 

Carol H. Laney 
137 Westfield Rd. 
Shelby, N.C. 28150 

Laura E. Lassiter 
319 Augusta Dr. 
Statesville, N.C. 28677 

Jennifer A. Lear 
3026 Stepp Dr. 
Columbia, S.C. 29204 

Catherine H. Loughlin 
1407 Live Oak Parkway 
Wilmington, N.C. 28403 


Wendt K. MacKinnon 
5225 Morrowick Rd. 
Charlotte, N.C. 28226 

Mary L. Mann 

7 1 5 Edgewater Dr. 

Garner, N.C. 27529 

Miriam Mason 

P.O. Drawer 99 

Morehead City, N.C. 28557 

Katherine A. Mattocks 
524 Colville Rd. 
Charlotte, N.C. 28207 

Laura M. Mcintosh 
7623 Bocage Bvd. 
Baton Rouge, LA 70809 

Jennifer L. McLain 

1020 W. Peace St. Apt. S-5 

Raleigh, N.C. 27605 

Mary E. McLean 
Route 1, Box 623 
Bladenboro, N.C. 28320 

Kristie L. Melvin 
Route 4, Box 990 
Dunn, N.C. 28334 

Kathryn E. Miller 
P.O. Box 1171 
Brevard, N.C. 28712 

Tracy E. Morgan 
P.O. Box 1411 
Manteo, N.C. 27954 

Caroline C. Newron 
1847 Greystone Rd. NW 
Atlanta, GA 30318 

Love J. Noe 

27 Piper Neck Rd. 

Wilmington, N.C. 28405 

Jenny M. Owens 
6916 Valley Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C 27612 

Mary A. Pate 
1912 Hampton Rd. 
Kinston, N.C 28501 

Marbury W. Patrick 
516 Fairfax 
Norfolk, VA 23507 

Amy E. Perry 
P.O. Box 9 
Louisburg, N.C. 27549 

Deborah L. Phillips 
701 Oakmont Dr. 
Asheoro, N.C. 27203 

Anne F. Pinckney 
26 New St. 
Charleston, S.C 29401 

Elizabeth W. Powers 
1628 Millford Rd. 
Columbia, S.C. 29206 

Laura S. Query 

4108 Holly Ridge Rd. 

New Bern, N.C. 28560 

Cynthia L. Rasmussen 
1317 Overland Dr. 
High Point, N.C. 27260 

Susan D. Remling 
2804 Hazelwood Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27608 

Virgina L. Robinson 
1900 Bridle Lane 
Alexandria, VA 22308 

Amanda R. Schoch 
1012 Country Club Dr. 
High Point, N.C. 27262 

Leslie L. Shepherd 
805 West Scotsdale Rd. 
Laurinburg, N.C 28352 

Judith A. Smith 
5000 Rea Rd. 
Charlotte, N.C 28226 

Donna J. Sparks 

100 #2-B Windermere Cr. 

Tarboro, N.C. 27886 

Lillian M. Spurrier 
1903 Westbrook Cr. 
Gastonia, N.C. 28052 

Jennifer L. Stone 
404 Wildwood Ave. 
Rocky Mount, N.C 27803 

Anne B. Stoughton 
209 York Rd. 
Greenville, N.C. 27834 

Julie E. Stubbs 
1817 Carmel Dr. 
Greensboro, N.C. 27408 

Jean E. Surles 
P.O. Box 32 
Linden, N.C. 28356 

Kimberly S. Sutton 
2905 Wellington Dr. 
Rocky Mount, N.C. 27804 

Jarrett H. Taylor 
216 Howard Dr. 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Laura A. Thiele 
2410 Brook Rd. 
Charlottesville, VA 22901 

Susie G. Thompson 
3154 Old Farm Rd. 
Montgomery, AL 36111 

Sallie C Thorpe 

1528 West Haven Blvd. 

Rocky Mount, N.C 27801 

Brigitte S. Van der Linden 
3481 AP Harmelen 
Netherlands, O 

Laura A. Vick 

618 Westham Woods Dr. 

Richmond, VA 23229 

Liles M. Waddill 
1709 Wilshire Blvd. 
Wilson, N.C. 27893 

Amy L. Wells 
212 Todd Cr. 
Wingate, N.C. 28174 

Amy J. Wiggins 
3301 Jason Dr. 
Rocky Mount, N.C 27803 

Sharon M. Wilson 
RFD 1, Box 935 
Knightdale, N.C 27545 


Deborah F. Edwards 
408 Kings Parkway 
Raleigh, N.C. 27610 

Emily Ferdon 
2415 W. Lake Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27609 

Carolyn A. Foster 
905 Rockford Rd. 
High Point, N.C. 27260 

Emily Gunter 

108 South Boylan Ave. 

Raleigh, N.C. 27603 

Lisa D. Jones 

3213 Stoneyford Court 

Raleigh, N.C. 27603 

Corinne E. Kirksey 
121 Silver Creek Rd. 
Morganton, N.C 28358 

Louise Liggett 
1917 Lewis Cr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27608 

Ann-Scott Martin 
2107 Fairview Rd. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27608 

Megan Murray 
407 W. 36th St. 
Lumberton, N.C. 28358 

Elizabeth E. Smothers 
1240 Westminster Dr. 
High Poinr, N.C. 27260 

Tracy L. Woolard 
202 Sunnyside Dr. 
Washington, N.C 27889 


Heather D. Banks 

1610 Talley St. 

South Boston, VA 24592 

Ashley C. Bloodworth 
800 Willow Run Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Trista A. Bowman 
1413 Paumier Ct. 
Raleigh, N.C. 27615 

Katherine M. Branch 
360 Hammond St. 
Chyestnut Hill, MA 02167 

Susan S. Clyde 
203 Crescent Dr. 
Windsor, N.C. 27983 

Aura M. Colemenres 
8915 Hawthorne Ave. 
Surfside, FL 33154 

Jeannie K. Davis 

4521 West Cascade Rd. 

Wilmington, N.C. 28403 

Catherine M. Hare 
202 Leacroft Ct. 

Fayetteville, N.C. 28311 

Britta M. Hesla 
7269 Gumwood Lane 
Raleigh, N.C 27615 

Wendi H. Holloman 
Star Route, Box 43 
Colerain, N.C. 27924 

Amy F. Jones 

4005 Hawthorne Rd. 

Rocky Mount, N.C 27803 

Ashley L. Kafina 

P.O. Box 1426 

Carolina Beach, N.C. 28428 

Catherine M. O'Brien 
P.O. Box SS 5669 
Nassau, Bahamas O 

Shelia R. O'Brien 
P.O. Box SS 5669 
Nassau, Bahamas O 

Catherine G. Sellars 
2000 Sussex Lane 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27104 

Sarah A. Stevens 

Box 5660 

Winston-Salem, N.C. 27113 

Samantha G. Walker 
501 Townsend PL, NW 
Atlanta, GA 30327 



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editors note . . . 

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